Why we keep warm even in a tropical climate.

How lovely is the weather currently? We are enjoying giving our fans and air conditioners a break. Our home can be quite chilly in the mornings and we are actually wearing our cardigans (me) and sweaters (boys) on our morning walk to school at 8am. Scout is in longs the entire day, and sometimes with socks too. As much as possible we’ve also been enjoying lots of outdoor activities all without breaking much of a sweat.

I have to admit, when I had my first child, I was prone to letting him go about in a onesie without any bottoms or socks, and later as a toddler without a shirt on a hot day, all of which were frowned upon (I think you can guess by who right?). Eventually, I came around to their point of view (or did I just give up?) and it’s coming more naturally to me to make sure that the kids are covered up properly, but every now and then I do still need a reminder. You should see us at swimming! Unless it’s exceptionally hot, the kids are usually in two layers of rash guard and one layer of 3mm neoprene. And a hat, if necessary.

And then one day there was enlightenment while reading a western book which basically explained the principals behind the need to keep babies warm that the Chinese often prescribe.

“ is important to keep babies and toddlers warm and protected from drafts so their energy can go into development instead of into maintaining their body temperature.”

(In context, development here refers to that of the brain, central nervous system, etc.)

And suddenly it just made sense. Heck, if someone had said that in the beginning, I’d have been more compliant sooner! I think it’s human nature that what we don’t think is instinctive, will require an explanation or rationale. So in this context, reading this really helped me!

Recently when we were in Shanghai, I was also quite amused by how everyone is obsessed about keeping their feet warm (other parts are already very covered), and especially when we were all sick, I made it a point to get everyone in socks, something I really should do more often.

So although sometimes it can really feel like nagging, maybe the older generation really do know what they’re talking about. Even if in some ways, they don’t really know what they’re on about.


16 thoughts on “Why we keep warm even in a tropical climate.

  1. Oops I let my baby go about in onesies too, still do! No socks for any of us at night no matter air con or fan. Guess I should go reflect and do something about it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. I am like your in laws and believe keeping warm is so important. I know the Chinese do it and protect their feet and knees from cold. Even the Japanese do it. Now I know the official reason of keeping warm. I guess for adults is the same. Saving energy for better immunity ya?


  3. It can be confusing at times to follow the teachings of other cultures and other generations. I am glad it helped you to find reason in all this and that is what counts. But I also think you should not take this matter so seriously. In some parts of Asia there are lots of believes about bad spirits entering through the feet and head so it is not so scientific… I like to take myself as a good guide in how to dress are son. They say add an extra layer to what you are wearing. Since I get cold more often than the average, I do not follow the extra layer principal but the “same as mommy”. And in Thailand it was only diapers…. (OK, do NOT think I was also running around in diapers…)HAHA
    xoxo, Eszter
    Oh if you do not mind, this mind be fun to read for you:


  4. If you found out how to keep the socks on while the kids sleep please share with me… Me kids are really weird. They can nap in school with their socks on and their blankets up to their neck. But when they are home, they kick off the blanket after like 1 minute. My boy is more willing to don on socks, but the girl will pull it out after 30 seconds. Sigh.

    But thanks for sharing, I love the explanations and its really an enlightenment.


    1. I’ll let you know how to keep them on…when I eventually find a way to haha! Socks a but easier now that they’re older but blankets they also refuse. Usually I just wait till they’re asleep to put the socks on for them hee. Maybe in the CC they see other kids do the same so they also guaiguai do?


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