Why we keep our kids warm – part 2

My last post on keeping our kids warm has gathered quite a bit of interest so I thought I’d show you the entire excerpt. You can click for a larger view.


You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, by Rahima Baldwin Dancy was a very interesting read for me. It is based on the Waldorf education method, which together with Montessori and Reggio, are the more common education approaches which focus on early childhood. You might like to read a summary of the three systems here. Unfortunately our dear Ministry of Education system doesn’t follow any of the three :p

But from the little I know of these approaches, Waldorf seems less rigid than Montessori and quite intuitive and common sense, so it makes for a good read without feeling like you need to go out and purchase a bunch of manipulatives. With regards to toys, he book did suggest that the old school toys, those without lights, sounds, etc., basically those without the need for batteries, are the best for inspiring creativity and imagination, and has made me more aware of the toys I purchase for the kids.


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