Chinese New Year 2014

I love that we usually have the Chinese New Year so close to the regular new year. It’s like if you’ve already failed to live up to your resolutions or haven’t had a good start or whatever, you have another chance.

Check out the awesome decorations my neighbour did!
Check out the awesome decorations my neighbour did!

In our case we had a really subdued Christmas and New Year’s because we were all sick for so long, but at least we were all much better for CNY. And what CNY has is food! Friends! Tidbits! Relatives! Ang pows! Lion dances! Snacks! Markets! Yu sheng! Certainly it triumphs the regular new year in all aspects!

Who doesn’t love the CNY goodies right?

As kids and young adults we dreaded going from house to house and spending time doing..nothing. But now that we’re older, and especially when we want to pass the traditions down to the kids, I’m so much more enthusiastic about our traditions. I’ve also become more aware of how little I’ve known about CNY, so it’s been great learning (or relearning?) about our culture and rediscovering places like Chinatown, books about the Chinese zodiac, and passing down traditions.

20140203-135911.jpgApart from a few books we borrowed from the library last year and this year, I also managed to buy some books from the Banyan Tree Gallery at the National Museum of Singapore. Apparently these books are also available from Popular (and probably other bookstores too), but I can never find anything good at Popular!

After all, traditions are part of what makes who we are, and I hope the kids will enjoy the festivities and have loving memories of them.

Cousins, all decked up in red.


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