Gifts that give back

Receiving gifts is definitely not my primary love language. In fact, I’m not big on gifts unless they really have a lot of meaning. I’m against the idea of push presents because I think child rearing (birthing included) is a joint effort and I don’t want my husband to think that he can shirk any responsibility just by giving me a gift! Ha!

Anyhow, if you are looking at buying a gift, perhaps this Valentine’s Day, how about giving one that benefits a social enterprise or charity?

Here are a few ideas:

CPAS Artwork

I seriously want one of these pieces!

Last year I happened to be at the Central Library and caught an exhibition by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore. They were also selling many pieces of handiwork, but what struck me were how lovely their larger pieces of art, created by the clients at the centre – yes, that means that they were painted by people who live with cerebral palsy. Commissioning a large piece can cost about $200 and smaller ones less, but imagine a one of a kind piece that has so much more meaning than just an ordinary gift! More affordable than Affordable Art Fair stuff lor.

I would be over the moon if my hubby got me one of these very lovely pieces *hint hint* (Sorry my poor iPhone photography does not do the pieces justice!)

Bouquets from the SARAH Seniors Activity Centre

1512759_592315497483849_603306452_nPresbyterian Community Services runs several entities, but what I found interesting was the bouquets and other gifts put together by senior citizens at the SARAH Seniors Activity Centre. They custom make gifts and crafts for all occasions, and you can find out more on their Facebook page.

Check out their range of Valentine’s Day bouquets. They might not quite be award-winning Ikebana, but supporting them helps the elderly be engaged in meaningful activities.

Bouquets from Novel Floral

Founded by a fiesty lady Violet who later passed on from breast cancer, her elder daughter Angela is continuing her legacy, and for every bouquet sold, 10% of the profits go to the Assisi Hospice in remembrance of Violet and the comfort her family received while she was in their care.

Fatten up your darling


..with some goodies from Bake Social, a collaboration between several enterprises such as MINDS, Bakery Hearts of Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre (AMK FSC),  Willing Hearts and Singapore Anglican Community Services. Buy their baked goods, until February 14th 2014. Some of these enterprises teach baking skills to empower individuals in a teach-them-how-to-fish kind of way.

Books & other gifts

Published by KKH, benefits go to the KKH Endowment Fund.
A few years ago, I bought this book for one of my lovely expat bosses. She loved it. Especially since proceeds go to the Society for the Physically Disabled.
This book and a lot of other items are available at the Action for Singapore Dogs.
by the Singapore Cancer Society. With recipes from the chefs or owners of Iggy’s, Wild Rocket, Spruce, Imperial Treasure, etc.
After reading this review of the book on HoneyKidsAsia, which includes recipes from Maggie Beer and the funds go to bone marrow transplant kids, I went and bought myself one :p
The Singapore Children’s Society sells these lovely pinwheels and other items.


2 thoughts on “Gifts that give back

  1. You have many good links to check out on meaningful gifts! I have been thinking of doing charity work for this new year. Getting gifts from these organizations or contributing would be real meaningful. You’ve helped me cut down work on research 🙂


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