Chingay 2014


Every year, there are many Chinese New Year celebrations including the Chingay Parade, which has it’s roots in a traditional Chinese procession, but has grown into a massive street parade with dancers, performers, and much more.

ooh aahhh

In recent years, the organizers have been taking celebrations such as Chingay to the heartlands, or organising fringe activities for National Day, New Years Eve etc. This included bringing the floats across many estates so that everyone could see them near their homes. We were lucky that they came to our street, and the minute I heard them coming down the road, we headed downstairs and got to see all the floats up close. This was also their last stop for the day, so while they were parked on our street for a while we got to see them really up close, although at that distance they were also a little bit too loud. Maybe can turn down the volume a bit or not? We walked up and down the street admiring all the glitz and intricacies. The festivities ended late, at around 10, and we all had trouble waking up for school the next morning.

The floats coming down our street

Such events are a great idea to allow everyone a chance to celebrate together and to build community spirit since there is a chance to mingle with your neighbours. My boys attend school within our estate so I see many neighbours regularly, but for some others they might hardly have a chance to. We oohed and ahhed together with everyone, snapping photos and walking around.

I would definitely not have brought my 3 young kids to the parade proper, and the short procession was so convenient! And since the organizers have put so much into building the floats they might as well make the most of it. Maybe they should also consider placing them for a limited period at an open space where everyone can admire them for a while before tearing them down, that would really maximize their investments, right?? 😃


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