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Little Captains at Play

Sometime last year, an impressive group of NTU Comms undergrads undertook their final year project on, well, let me let you hear it in their own words,

Little Captains at Play is a national play movement by four final-year undergraduates – Claire, Kwee Fang, Madeline and Xiang Wei – from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU. Embodying the belief that playful learning is more than just teaching children what to play or how to play, Little Captains at Play calls for parents to give their children more opportunities for unstructured, free play. The campaign brings together community advocates to inspire and empower parents to build a happier, more balanced childhood for preschoolers, so let your children take charge of their play! Please visit for more information.


They came to our place to interview us, and from there I learned more about what they were trying to achieve. I have to say I am so impressed with them, because at their age I wasn’t even thinking of having kids, let alone thinking about the well-being of kids! I was too busy living a selfish life, and look at me now, with three kids I have no life, so I’d say that’s payback for ya 😉

They are also running a fun play contest, so do participate if you’re interested!

Little Captains_Play Contest(1)

Little Captains of Play will be having their final event of play activities for children this Sunday, 23 February. Unfortunately we won’t be around otherwise we’d definitely be there!

Back to Play Flyer

Meanwhile you can see the video of the interview, and I cringe a little (actually, more like A LOT!) every time I watch this, because I’m so not used to watching myself!!

Enjoy :p

6 thoughts on “Little Captains at Play

  1. You look good in the video Edlyn! It’s not easy to talk while the kids run around ya?! Interesting stats here. I am not surprised that only 32% believe in unstructured play. Do an education stats, it will be the opposite figures based on how parents intense focus on paper chase.


  2. wee wee wee…!! (whistle) Well said! And yes, agree with Christy, you look good! Very natural too : )
    but i was surprised to see as many as 32% believe in unstructured play.. Or maybe really one-third do believe, but some give in to pressure and go against what their heart believes : /


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