Flat out parenting

Maybe I’ve never really felt comfortable in heels, either because I’m too clumsy, or gangly (the downside of being tall!), but after having kids I’ve come to realise that I really love living in flats. I admire mums who can tote around in heels, although to be honest, sometimes I wonder how much mothering of toddlers can you really possibly do in stilettos or 3″ wedges?

I would love a pair of these! But I would SO not be able to actually walk in them.

So while it’s nice to be in heels for a change once in a while, which in my case could be once in two months in my ever reliable (oldie but goodie) Nine West or Aldo, I often find myself still drooling over a pair of killer heels, like those from Steve Madden. Let’s not even talk about Jimmy Choos or Manholos, because I certainly wouldn’t be able to make it worth while on such an investment!

Chic and functional!

These days I rely on a variety of Crocs, which are cheap (especially sometimes if you Amazon them) and good and easily replaceable and I’m of course not talking about the ugly clogs. Crocs and other brands like Melissa are not only comfortable but they are so practical for a parent – who knows when you’re going to get peed, puked, spilled or splashed on, so something washable is always practical! Birkies (remember those?) may be comfortable but no where near as washable.

What are yours favourite shoes that are functional for parenting?


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