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Gardens by the Bay March 2014 Programme

The lovely conservatories
The lovely conservatories. All photos courtesy of Gardens by the Bay

I have a love hate relationship with school holidays. I love that school’s out and I don’t have the morning rush to get everyone shipped off to school, and, we get to do whatever we want, whenever we want! I like that the kids get their own time, and I like to look for interesting activities for the kids to do. This includes any camps or programmes which they don’t normally get to do, because it can be very taxing (on both mother/driver and child) to be ferrying the kids to and fro classes each day, every week, for a measely 1-2 hour class. And many centres don’t offer classes for different age groups at the same timing, so when you have 3 kids, just attending a class can become a logistical nightmare. So to give myself less stress, and to give myself just a little bit of breather, the kids go to camps.

Many organisations also organise programmes during the school holidays, such as the Gardens by the Bay. This March they have 4 special events for kids, 2 for each age group of 4-6 and 7-9. Stories of the Understorey is about the importance of the tiny creatures under ground, and Feed Me! is about carnivorous plants, of which you can find plenty in the Flower Dome. The other 2 programmes, The Birds and the Bees (don’t worry, this is about pollination, and not you-know-what) and Discoveries at the Kingfisher Lake are for kids 7-9. Find out more about the Gardens by the Bay holiday programme here.


If you enjoyed Tulipmania, good news, it will be back from April 14 to May 4, but preceding that will be the War of the Roses floral display, from February 26 to April 6, depicting the “War of the Roses” (duh?), a feudal war in the 15th century between the Royal House of Lancaster and the Royal House of York. Find out more on these and upcoming events here.

The Cloud Dome – the mist gives it a little mystique doesn’t it? A perfect hiding ground for some little carnivorous creatures!

Kids can also become outdoor detectives by participating in activities on March 15 and 16, or pick up activity sheets for the conservatories from March 17 to 23. There will also be a special weekend on March 22 and 23 of performances, crafting booths and mascots at the new Far East Organisation Children’s Garden.

I’m so excited that there’s so many things to do, especially when it’s related to nature, and at the Gardens some of it is also in some air con comfort, hurray! Sorry lah, it’s been pretty hot these days, hasn’t it??

Gardens by the Bay

Open 5am to 2am (pity the poor guys who have to lock up and open shop??)
Conservatories are open from 9am to 9pm
18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953

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