First Steps

I wrote this post more than 6 months ago, and can’t remember why I didn’t publish it. My friend My Lilbookworm reminded me of it when she did a book review here. Please do read it for more information on the book!



A few days after she turned one, Scout started taking several steps, and once she found her feet, she was walking all over the place. Now at times I even have difficulty carrying her around because she wants to walk everywhere!

The analogy of babies learning to walk always reminds me of Prof Zhou Hong’s book “Appreciating Your Child”. In it, he says that we often celebrate many of babies’ milestones, simple things like walking, clapping, waving bye-bye, etc. but once they’re older we seldom celebrate their achievements. After Scout started walking, I’m constantly reminded of Zhou Hong’s words in relation to the boys. Of course we don’t need to dish out praise over everything and anything (and we’ve all read about how too much praise can have a negative effect), but it’s easy to forget that the older ones are still very much children too, and need as much love and attention and encouragement as babies do.

I have been finding it challenging to handle 3 kids – it’s time consuming enough just doing the daily tasks of feeding/watering/bathing/entertaining, add to that shuttling between school and classes, trying to handle work commitments, meal planning, everyone demanding for my attention at the same time, etc and most times I feel as if I’m trying to multitask 5 different things at once.

Scout’s first steps brought to mind what I’d read in the book, and how hard I’ve been on the boys. I’m mindful of the fact that it’s easy to sound annoyed or disappointed or irritated or all at once towards the boys, especially Mittens given he’s the eldest, and so easy to forget that they’re still very much children, testing boundaries, learning and yearning for knowledge and love.

In order to prep him for reading, I started using the Easy Peasy Homeschool McGuffey Primer, and was pleasantly surprised and how much he already knows and how fast he’s picking up. Had I been too busy to notice how much he’s grown? Was I spending enough time with the boys? Is having 3 spreading myself too thin? (It probably is, but too late for that now, ha!!)

In the midst of the chaos I know I can do better by him, and I’m thankful that every day I get to try a little harder. So now, every time I say a praise for Scout, I’m reminded to look for more good in the boys too, and to celebrate the small things with them, just as we do for a baby. Some days are a breeze, others are challenging to say the least, but I hope they always remember that I love them more than they can imagine, despite having a finite amount of time and patience.

Read an article on the 4 Ways To Love Your Child Better based on Zhou Hong’s philosophy, local workshops conducted by Zhou Hong (unfortunately all in Chinese! Argh!) or you can buy a copy of the book from the same website, and you can find his book “Appreciating your child” in our local libraries. The book is very touching! This post is not sponsored, and I can’t thank my friend enough for recommending this book to me.


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4 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. Hey Mummy Ed, thanks for sharing this post. I totally feel you re. the multi-tasking bit. And affirming and encouraging our older ones is something I’ve been thinking about recently to do more too! Thanks for linking up!


    1. It’s so hard managing just three – I wonder how our parents did it in their time? I worry all the time about whether I’m not giving them enough attention, encouragement, etc!


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