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Rapunzel by SRT – review and giveaway

Colourful engaging props at SRT's Rapunzel.
Colourful engaging props at SRT’s Rapunzel.

After our last Little Red Giveaway, the Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) invited us to catch their version of the Grimm Brothers’ Rapunzel, and we couldn’t have been more delighted to do so.

And delight they did! I like how they integrated Rapunzel’s parents into the plot, and the use of puppets were also highly unusual, and very clever. I know you must be wondering how puppets come into the story, but I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll have to check it out for yourself. The dialogue is quite witty, and although I did have to explain a bit of the plot to Mittens, such as the ingredients for the antidote to Rapunzel’s spell, it was a great learning opportunity for him.

Rapunzel SRTSo far I must say I’ve been impressed with the way The Little Company interpret the storylines for the little ones. Little Red was probably a little more scary, but like I mentioned in my previous post, I like how they do a creative twist on the traditional story without putting villains in a bad light.

I also loved that the stage set used props that looked recycled – corrugated building material and buttons/plates/some kind of circles on trees on plants. Even if they were not recycled material, in an society with increasing consumerism I think it’s great to pique the imagination of kids that way.

Rapunzel SRTIt’s not easy to entertain the 2 to 6 year olds, and I think The Little Company have a winning formula to doing so, from their eye-catching props, to catchy tunes, and content which kids find hilarious (the kids were in stitches about meeting people in pajamas!). Laughing along with the kids made me feel young again!

Rapunzel was great for everyone, and I think I will have to bring my 18month old to the next production, The Nightingale. Mittens (he’s 6!) has already said he wants to attend it, which I would be more than happy to bring him to especially since it’s in Mandarin and they had a short feature on it in one of his Berries classes. Rapunzel is a shorter production at 45minutes, so I think it’s perfect for the little ones, and I regret not bringing Scout even. TLC usually has 2-3 short 45minute productions in a year and a longer 1hour 30minute one. I have also heard good things about their holiday programmes, so I think I need to get the kids into that next time!

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at PM 12.01.37



If you haven’t caught it yet, you still have time to do so. They have just extended the run so there would be many good seats available for the new shows. Or, you can take part in the giveaway before Friday 4 April, to win a pair of tickets for the show on Sunday 13 April 2014 at 11am. If you need more than a pair we can try to arrange for you to purchase more tickets (as we did for the winners last time!). Good luck!!!

Please enter using the rafflecopter at this link. Sorry I can’t embed it until I get my own domain *darn*.

Congrats to Li Peng!! Thank you everyone for participating!!

P.S. The SRT are a registered charity that is not-for-profit, so your support to them is also for a good cause! But sorry, you don’t get any tax rebates on your tickets 😀

DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT
Fri, 14 Mar – Wed, 30 Apr 2014
Mon – Fri: 10am, 2pm (certain dates)
Sat, Sun & PH: 11am, 2pm

Buy your tickets from Sistic here.


17 thoughts on “Rapunzel by SRT – review and giveaway

  1. I think my girl who is 3 and my boy who is 5 will definitely enjoy a laugh or two as they are easily tickled. hope to win this for my girl especially as she is into princesses esp rapunzel


  2. My child will love this as he’s been waiting to watch the “actual” show after watching the movie, he’s like the happy ending! Thanks for the giveaway!


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