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Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy – Review

When we had our first child, we had a big ass stroller, and loved it tremendously. But soon we found it too heavy for travel so we bought a lightweight umbrella stroller. Then we had 2 kids so I went out and got myself one that had a toddler step integrated. Along the way I also had 3 others passed down or gifted which I had to return or give away because they just weren’t that suitable for our needs.

How do we look? (Photo courtesy of Mabel)

Last month, we were gifted the Lucky Baby AvenueTM Buggy to review. I know you’re probably either thinking, “What brand is Lucky Baby®?”. Or, something along the lines of “Seriously??” Anyhow, being the open minded person that I am (true what!), I went along, with several other lovely mummies, to indulge ourselves in some yummilicious ice cream as well as learn more about the Lucky Baby Avenue 2 buggy.

I-scream at what good value for money the buggy is!
I-scream at what good value for money the buggy is!

Princess PANTONEDid you know that Lucky Baby is a home-grown Singaporean brand owned by Taime Pte Ltd, which was established in 1967? That’s way older than I am! 😀


At first glance


I went to the briefing not knowing what to expect, and also expecting very little. But let me tell you, the Avenue is quite an impressive little thing. At first glance, I liked the classiness of the colour options and the fabric prints. It comes fully padded up to the leg rests, and with an infant head cushion, padded straps, 5-point safety harness, as well as a full canopy, so it really looks quite luxurious.


Photo courtesy of Taime Pte Ltd.



The back rest is adjustable between 3 positions, using 1 hand, which is great when your royal highness wants to have his or her royal nap.  The leg rest is adjustable making it even more comfortable and can cater to a sleeping or growing child. The front bumper is removable and when it is removed you don’t see any gaping holes, nor do you need any silly plastic pieces to fit in when you’re not using the bumper and will probably lose the pieces in the abyss of your home (I’m looking at you, Peg Perego).

I was surprised at how keen the girl was to sit in the buggy.
I was surprised at how keen the girl was to sit in the buggy. Photo courtesy of Taime Pte Ltd.

It also has so many pockets, which is always handy for parents. You can also add on options like cup holders, etc. I also like that the canopy has a little peek-a-boo which is a mesh instead of just a plastic window, because in our kind of weather, it can get pretty hot, and any extra ventilation is good! The flap for the little window can also be secured by velcro and won’t keep flipping back due to wind (Quinny, are you taking notes?).

Photo courtesy of Taime Pte Ltd
Photo courtesy of Taime Pte Ltd

The fabric is also easy to remove to wash, which is very important! One of my strollers requires a screwdriver in removing the seat padding for a wash. Who has time for that kind of thing?

At 7.6kgkg, the Avenue is very sturdy, and unlikely to tip over easily. It has 6 wheels, and is a smooth ride. The sturdy frame and the wheels really make it glide along effortlessly. The specifications say that the stroller is for kids 6 months to 15kg, but to prove its sturdiness, here is the different weights that it can carry.


What you don’t see in the photos is the 2 boys sitting on the buggy TOGETHER, meaning a combined weight of 45kg not including all our random baby gear, but of course, folks, please don’t try this at home 😀

After owning a stroller which does not require you to bend down in order to fold the buggy together, I’m less inclined on the buggies that do. But at least the Avenue 2 can be folded easily with one hand. You can check out the video by Irene of SingaporeMomBlogs who demonstrates how to do so. I find the brakes so easy to apply, and you might think this is a given, but I hardly use the brakes on my longest lasting stroller because it is SO difficult to use. But don’t worry, it’s a rather hefty one, so no real chance of it running away.

Lucky Baby Avenue Buggy
See, the wheels don’t touch the canopy. Trust me, you won’t like having a dirty canopy!! Photo courtesy of Taime Pte Ltd.

One other thing that I like about the Avenue 2 is that when folded, the wheels does not touch the canopy at all, which is my pet peeve of our other umbrella stroller. However, that means that the Avenue 2 takes up a wee bit more space, which is not a bad trade-off unless you’re really strapped for space.

1800040_688808784505457_444899165_oUnbeatable value for money

Now, with all the features that I’ve described above, imagine my surprise when I heard the price that the Avenue 2 retails at $149 (UP $199), and you have to admit that that is undeniably FANTASTIC value!

The Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Baby Buggy will be available at $149 (Usual price $199) at OG and Metro. If you’re looking for a stroller, I would highly recommend this one! Not only is it value for money, you’d also be supporting a local enterprise.

You can find more information on the Lucky Baby International Facebook Page.


Disclaimer: We were gifted a Avenue 2 Baby Buggy, no other monetary compensation was received. All opinions and comments are 100% my own.


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  1. haha..i loved looking at strollers when Ruth was younger but I never really got to own the ‘atas’ ones. Blame it on us being just way too practical. And because I so love talking about strollers, I’m gonna take some time to just throw out my 2 cents. 😛 So, indulge me and head over to because well, it’s too long to post in a comment!


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