A new leaf

Welcome to my new look! Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve grown out of my old theme and it really doesn’t reflect me anymore. I haven’t had much time to play around with the various themes, so this is going to be work in progress for a while, since I’ve been so busy on a daily basis with more important work. The most important, of course. And obviously that’s the kids.

Since I’m taking the time to re-do layouts and all, if you do have any suggestions or advice I’d be happy to hear them! Sometimes what can be so obvious to you might have been totally overlooked by me!

A week ago, we had an exclusive mum bloggers workshop where we listened to some advice and tips from the pros. It was a really great experience for “newbie” bloggers like myself, and a fantastic way to jumpstart some change in many of our blogs.

In the day when it was fashionable to have a blog about your baby, I started blogging but really didn’t find the this-is-what-we-did-today kind of approach my thing. Slowly, I managed to find my footing and I’m so grateful for this bunch of crazy blogger mums, some of whom have become such great friends, a great source of advice and information, and such inspiration! We are all shapes and sizes, and each bring to the table different opinions, knowledge, lifestyles, etc. I’m in a place where I’m getting comfortable, but at the same time, I’m still can’t quite call myself as a blogger, and I still feel a little pai seh (embarrassed) to let friends and acquaintances know that I blog. Perhaps it’s because I believe writing is very personal, so in a way we are vulnerable through our writing. I’m still slowly trying to embrace it. Shy, lah!

I hope, as many others have been to me, to be an inspiration or at least not to be pessimistic, while at the same time keeping it real. Let’s face it, parenting isn’t the easiest endeavor for some of us, and I’m happy to share information or little nuggets of maybe-not-so-wise wisdom. Parenting is an amazing journey and such an adventure in its own right – and definitely more fun when you have friends along, isn’t it?


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