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Read to me, Mummy!

reading, julia donaldson, tabby mctatYou can never have too many books, as a friend of mine once said. Well I’ve had to resist buying books recently because there just seems to be too many books and too little time to read. And too little space to store them. Or actually, there is time to read, it’s just difficult to read with the Princess because she is so possessive over me, and loves to snatch books away when I am reading to the boys.

Baby can even read upside down!
Baby can even read upside down!

Our dear Lee Kuan Yew mentioned some time back on a visit to several primary schools, that the main difference between elite schools and neighbourhood schools is that around 50% of parents of children in elite schools are graduates compared to 10+% of parents from neighbourhood schools. The significance of that was that graduate parents tend to foster the joys of reading. And to that end I really appreciate how much we as a country invest in our public libraries so that everyone has access to books. I would definitely love to be the person who gets to buy buy BUY books for the entire country!

Now, on a typically busy day, I actually need to be proactive in seeking out time to read to the kids. It’s not as easy as it sounds because I have three to contend with, but my target is 20 minutes a day. Why 20 minutes? Take a look at this infographic below.

reading 20 minutes infographic


Here are a few of my favourite places to find books:

The National Library has an amazing collection of books. Search for a book using their mobile site and SMS the details to yourself so you don’t have to write it all down! If you are looking for something her your branch doesn’t have, simply make a reservation online and have them send it to the branch of your choice. And if the library doesn’t carry the book at all, suggest the title to them and they might just add it to their collection!

If you are looking to expand your own collection, there are plenty of online options!

If you already have a book in mind, First, you can try OO which does some of the hard work for you and to check the prices among the more common online bookstores. Of course this doesn’t include any discount codes or free shipping.

Bookdepository used to be my defacto go-to online bookstore, but I have been purchasing more from Amazon since started their free online shipping and sell practically everything under the sun. I know some mums swear by Fishpond, but I’ve not found their prices competitive for the books I wanted. Anyone tried OpenTrolley or BetterWorldBooks?

I’ve just recently discovered NoQ Store, which stands for No-Q, gettit? NoQ was kind enough to gift me a voucher, so I quickly got cracking on the shopping (what tough work, right?). I had been eyeing Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking, and found that it was SGD$31.55 on NoQ and USD$29.99 on Amazon. Whattttttt??

The there are more niche bookstores such as Groovy Giraffe for remainder books, Flip for Joy for Mandarin books, Little Good Books, and a host of others.


logoDiscount code!
My dear readers get a  15% discount on all purchases at NoQ Store when they use code MUMMYED (that’s me, you know or not??) at checkout.

– Promotion valid from now to 31 July 2014 and is valid storewide.
– Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and promotions.
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