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My household cheat sheet

Although it might seem trivial talking about the mundane every day matters, sometimes you can learn a thing or two from other mums. Today I’m sharing some of the simple tips that you might or might not have already known, and if you have not, they might be useful to you! I can’t claim the credit for all, but I hope they will help make your life easier!


20140201-144626.jpgTired of toys that seem to be going on their own all day? Use old batteries from remote controls and other devices for toys like trains. You can save money and the environment by sucking every last drop out of your batteries.


IMG_8827Baby won’t wear a bib? Use an old shirt! I find sleeveless ones easiest to put on and take off.


IMG_5660Got a toy that is too slippery for your flooring? Use electrical tape, masking tape, tennis grip or any other material with more friction to give it more grip.


20140512-154511.jpgHands up who likes to deal with formula all over the place? Pre-scoop the amount into a bottle, and just pour the right amount of water in so you don’t have to fumble with messy powder all over the place. In the case of nighttime wakings, we have 1 bottle with FM in it, and another bottle with the right amount of water in the bottle warmer at the temperature you want. So all you need to do is pour one bottle into the other bottle, and you can head back to sleep! I don’t premix the formula with water beforehand because if no one drinks it in the middle of the night it’ll probably be yoghurt by morning (that’s an idea, maybe I should use the warmer as a yoghurt maker!).


20140512-154518.jpgKids not feeling well? Keep a pail or container (or two at different locations!) within easy reach in case they need to throw up in the middle of the night and can’t make it to the toilet in time. It has saved us a couple of times! One mummy I told this to said she’d never thought of using a container!


20140514-210558.jpgTired of your kids pressing all the switches because they can’t remember which is for what? Put a little sticker to help them out so that they don’t have to ask you 20 times a day.


And last but not least…

Love having to change bed sheets in the middle of the night? Yeah, no one does. Make it easier by layering one set of bedding over another – in our case this is waterproof cover, bed sheet, waterproof cover, bedsheet. So if there are any spills or accidents, vomit or pee, just tear off one layer and you’re done! No rummaging for bedsheets in the middle of the night.


This is part of a blog train by 31 mums over 31 days to share their survival tips. Click to see more great tips, tricks and advice!

The next mum on the blogtrain is Irene from SingaporeMomBlogs!


SingaporeMomBlogs AvataIrene is a former Singapore Girl who swapped kebayas in return for 3 little munchkins. They are now the driving force of her life. The full time Stay At Home Mom strongly believes that motherhood is the beginning of living. She is quick-witted and often described as the life of the party.

Do pop by her blog at SingaporeMomBlogs tomorrow to read her survival tips.



24 thoughts on “My household cheat sheet

  1. I am very impressed by the stickers on the switches, and the double bedsheets! Actually, I’m impressed by everything you listed la, but those are my favs. My husband still can’t get the switches right, so I might just paste some washi tape on them to help him. Haha.


  2. Cool tips! U actually have two bedsheets and two waterproof covers on ur bed, impressive! 🙂 i think i need more containers in the house, my girl puked over my sofa last night due to a cough, oh man! 🙂 thanks for sharing!


    1. The bedsheets really saves us so much extra effort at night… And since my kids are sick now, it’s lucky I had a container close by just last night! Phew 😀


  3. Double bed sheets, now why didn’t I think of that! And we do the pail thing by the bed too (and big bowl on the dining table during meals) when they are sick, helps so so much! Thanks for sharing all these handy tips!


  4. Loving the old tshirt/tank as bib! I’m running out of bibs everyday…! Oh and the tape. I gotta try that for slippery toys

    oh stickers! I’ve got stickers at every nook & cranny of my home label, take note, identify, make different etc… LoL I can totally relate. Now whenever my husband sees a new sticker on something, he would turn to me and say, ok so what is it I need to take note of?


  5. The doubel bedstheets idea is very clever! Much better than having to turn on all the lights and wake everyone up and rummaging for bedsheets. I actually do that for bins – I line them with many plastic bags! Also, re the switches, I label all of mine Fan/Dining Lights/Hallway Lights etc. No room for confusion!


    1. Ooh labels would be a good idea and great for the kids starting to read! Think nothing will work on the daddies though, can’t seem to teach an old dog new tricks LOL


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