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Thankful Tuesday: Under the Influence

Beautiful scenery at Uluwatu
Beautiful scenery at Uluwatu

Today is the first day in more than a week that I haven’t been under the influence of any substances. No I don’t have a substance abuse problem, I just had the misfortune of catching a nasty bug from the kids, complete with a fever, and spent a good week feeling completely muddled by the drugs.

It’s hard enough to be sick and drowsy from meds, but having to look after kids, especially kids who are sick, is a whole different ballgame altogether. All three kids have been taking turns to have a week-long bout of fever, and I know they feel as crappy as I do, but Scout has been insisting on me carrying her everywhere, even in the house, and I’m not even allowed to take a seat! Geez.

All I can say is, thank goodness for copious amounts of TV. I will have to work hard to make up for it when everyone is better, perhaps declaring a TV ban?

In between all of the madness, we went on a whirlwind trip to Bali for a wedding, and even though we were there for almost less than 48 hours, and I was still slightly drowsy half the time, and I felt uneasy leaving the sick kids behind, it was such a great break. I caught up with so many friends I haven’t seen in a while, including an old pal who lives there, and I could actually sleep through the night without being woken once. My only regret – not getting the hubs to take a little spin on one of the rented motorbikes (which cost a whopping S$5 a day to rent??). Aw, maybe next time.

Amazing pool view at Sundara, Four Seasons.
Amazing pool view at Sundara, Four Seasons.

Now that we’re back to reality, and especially since we generally torture the kids by not giving them antibiotics and make them suffer through it (or is it their mother who suffers the most?), it looks like it’s going to be another long week.

It’s time like these I wish I had extra extra help around the house. But then extra help sometimes comes with extra headache, so when the going gets tough, when I’m so tired and my brain feels like jelly, I envy the parents who only have to deal with only one child, which would’ve been infinitely easier than three. Does having more kids mean that the flu just gets perpetually passed around??

But of course I know these are only fleeting moments of envy, fueled by so many rounds of the flu since last November. While the kids might be awfully phlegmy, no one has been hospitalised yet, are generally well enough to be up to their shennanigans, and there is still plenty to be thankful for.

What doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger right? I wouldn’t mind something to really kill and stamp out those damn flu bugs though!


P.S. The winners for the Thinkersbox Intellibox and Rise and Shine Breakfast Carnival giveaways have been announced! Sorry it took me a while, I have been dragging myself to bed and hadn’t even had time to touch the computer for a few days.






7 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday: Under the Influence

  1. Awww, sorry about the family flu bug but great you “snuck” off to Bali! Wish there was a easier fix than riding it out with meds. We’ve been hit by it this month too, B, hubby, grandparents, me, and now B again. Feel like he’s gotten so skinny with sickness! 😦 Here’s praying we all got well soon.


  2. Oh dear, sounds horrible! Poor you. I feel so pathetic when I’m down with a bug, and can’t even bring myself to look after one kid, much less three, like you do! Glad you had a break from the kids in beautiful Bali. The wedding venue looks amazing!


  3. It’s a nightmare when kids start falling sick one after another, and worse when the mom gets the bug too! My trio usually pass the bug to one another too, like passing baton. It’s terrible when that happens. Glad that you had a tiny break from all that. Hope everyone gets well soon! Take care!


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