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June Holidays 2014


Boy have we had a busy start to the school holidays! We’ve been gallivanting around town (that sounds like something my mother would say, do people even say that anymore??), and apart from the kids sleeping later than usual, I wish the holidays were longer because I love school holidays! I like that we can do things “own time, own target”, meaning everything is free and easy and we don’t have to rush for school or (most) classes. I also take the chance to let the kids try out various programmes that they don’t usually get to, from art to sports, to whatever else we don’t usually have time for. I much prefer holiday programmes to weekly classes because its more worth the time to spend a few hours a day or for a few days really getting into something than shuttling up and down weekly for a 1-hour class, which can get really tiring for everyone!

So far we have already gone for:

  • Phonics workshop with KidzLiteracyCove
  • Ju jitsu and Muay Thai trial at Evolve MMA (it’s free too!)
  • Church camp
  • A private golf lesson, to gauge his interest

And still in the pipeline:

These are activities we’re also interested in if we can squeeze it in, although for trial lessons they don’t specifically have to be during the school holidays:

  • Lego building workshop
  • Another Muay Thai try out with my old instructors
  • Aikido/taekwondo
  • Fencing
  • Gymnastics
  • Ice skating

So many exciting things to do, so little time!

And on top of that we’re planning to take a little time off school next semester to attend a real summer camp, in another country! Well actually only Mittens will be attending the camp; but I’ll be bringing along half the village, including all the kids and two grandmothers. The hubby will only be able to join us for part of this trip because obviously someone has to be working so the rest of us can enjoy right??? 😁 I’ve been busy arranging the logistics and researching on places to visit, and am very stoked because this will be the closest I get to ever living abroad.

It has been a little challenging with later bedtimes (read: less me time, no time for blogging!), and with me getting sick a second time from the kids, I am making an effort to sleep earlier. So please excuse the lack of updates and enjoy your holidays!!!


20140610-215052-78652759.jpgp.s. Don’t forget the fantastic Children’s Season 2014 from several of the local museums – the exhibits at the National Museum of Singapore were absolutely wonderful, and will run until 3 August 2014. Best of all, it’s free!

7 thoughts on “June Holidays 2014

  1. I love school holidays and wish that they can be longer too! Schooldays are stressful for me, with all the rushing for school buses and all that. Wow, you’ve really signed your kids up for many classes! 🙂 Enjoy the remaining 2.5 weeks!


  2. Your schedule is so super pack and so much fun! The summer camp sounds so interesting. Does it cost a bomb? Or maybe the whole village air tickets and hotel would! I am looking forward to reading about all these activities 🙂 I find the June holidays too short too. That should mean we are all having fun 🙂


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