Vaby – full of surprises!


Earlier this week we were invited to a brunch to learn more about a new concept called Vaby. I dragged the kids down to The Playhouse, which used to be Seb’s Bistro, at Rochester Park.

10489912_1400558866899752_4622849007863395311_nVaby is a new subscription-based concept will send you samples from their various vendors each month, depending on the ages of your children that you’ve input in your profile when you sign up as a member. This means you’ll get age appropriate materials instead of random items that you don’t need.


The samples could include clothing, diapers, books, bath and skincare products, or promotions for services such as pre-natal classes, photo shoots, party related services. Most of the samples will be of items that you will also be able to purchase on the Vaby online store, and there will sometimes be promotional prices for the items, so if you try something you like, you can buy more of it! Sometimes they might even include vouchers and other kind of promotions.


I really like this new concept because it’s tailored to your needs, so for example, they won’t be sending me newborn stuff, and you’ll get to try something before shelling out too much money for something you don’t like. I think it will also be especially useful for new parents because it can be mind-boggling and very daunting trying to figure out all the various kinds of baby gear, equipment, toiletries, etc. When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember going to the baby department in Robinsons and leaving empty handed becuase I was just so darn confused!

So while I was learning all about Vaby, the kids were happily occupying themselves at The Playhouse. The outdoor play area is quite well equipped, and looks like loads of fun! I had forgotten to bring along the mossie repellant (which I actually always leave in my car) and thankfully I had some sunscreen spray, but the kids were still left with one bite each, so don’t forget to bring some repellent if you’re as sweet as us 🙂 You can see more photos of The Playhouse here. I think it’s a great place for those from walking up to around 7 years old.

The outdoor play area. Quite well equipped if you ask me, and sheltered as well, but still please go prepped with repellent.

After a short while the humidity was starting to make everyone a little testy, and I spied some mossies flying around, so I moved the kids into the indoor play area. They donned their socks and spent another good 2 hours (with a lunch break) playing and still wanted to go back for more! Definitely worth a visit, but please do remember to bring your own socks as they charge $7 for ONE pair. At that price you’d think they could throw in a communal mosquito repellant, don’tcha think?

My tofu mango salad, which was pretty yummy. Except I actually ordered the grilled eggplant salad. The grilled prawns were yumms!
My tofu mango salad, which was pretty yummy. Except I actually ordered the grilled eggplant salad. The grilled prawns were yumms!

The food at Rochester House is very decent. The mains like pastas are well worth the money, and I really liked the grilled prawn starter. The kids loved the chicken nuggets although the other kids meals themselves weren’t impressive, and some mummies thought it was too salty. I’d probably go with an adult main to share with the kids next time!

Vaby does seem very exciting, and such boxes already exist for other product markets, such as beauty. Vaby will be kindly sending us some boxes to review over the next few months, and we will also have five boxes to give away so do look out for that!


Vaby will be holding their official launch for their members and vendors and everyone who signs up as a member is invited! You can learn more about Vaby while your kids enjoy the play areas. Just a word of warning – you might have to drag them away like I had to, or be prepared to spend the entire day there.

Simply sign up as Vaby’s member (and create your profile), and you’ll receive an invitation  to attend the official launch. Members who also “like” their Facebook page will also receive a Vaby box on the launch day.


Disclaimer: We were invited to brunch to find out more about Vaby. All opinions are 100% my own!



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