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Philips and Disney Night Lights review and discount code!

philips disney nightlight softpal
Not only are these new SoftPals so cute, they are also sooo nice to touch and feel!

Last month, we were invited to the launch of the Philips’ new Disney Imaginative Lighting range. It was supposed to be a pajama party, so the kids went in their pajamas. I’m far too old to be seen out of the house in my jammies, TYVM.


Philips Singapore introduced their new range of products, and all the kids present had a lot of fun exploring the new products, participating in the presentation, and busying themselves in the kids activity corner.


This new range of products were developed to help comfort kids’ nighttime woes, and make bedtime easy and fun for them. But even if your children are doing just fine during their bedtimes, they will really love all the innovative products such as the SoftPals and Light and Image Projectors, of course in all of your favourite Disney characters.

Image Source Philips
Image Source Philips

We were gifted a very lovely LED Winnie The Pooh Torch, which the kids love. Actually they love all torches, but the Pooh is easy for kids to operate, and such a handy size!

philips disney pooh torch
Photo source: Philips


We were also given a LED Mickey Mouse Night Light to review. At first glance it looks very simple and plastic, and no less than 5 minutes after I had put in the batteries and handed it to Scout did she drop it all of two times, and in its first hour it had taken a few beatings, but still held up pretty well, so thankfully it isn’t made of cheap, breakable plastic! The mouse ears are just adorable lah, don’t you think?


Philips have already been in the market selling LED lights in many industries and many uses, so you can be assured that they use high quality LED lights in their night light range.

Philips Disney Mickey Mouse nightlight
Image source: Philips

It runs on batteries which makes it so much more mobile than having to plug it in somewhere. I hung it in the boys’ room on an existing hook near the door, so once I go into the room, it immediately lights up thanks to the motion sensor, and I can eyeball the boys, or the light helps me locate a torch in case I need to do something more like change diapers, put on socks, etc.

Can you spot it?
Can you spot it?
Here's a closer look
Here’s a closer look

The light is operated with a motion sensor, and will stay on for a specific amount of time depending on whether it’s night or day – so, longer at night and for a shorter duration during the day. It seems like it stays on for around 20 seconds at night. I’ve found that it can sense motion from maybe about a metre or so. The light is also a warm white light which creates a glow and not a shocking and annoying bright light like the regular lights in the room or a torch, so the kids never get bothered about it when they’re sleeping.

Philips disney mickey mouse night light
Image source Philips

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much from a night light, especially one as small as this, but now that I have it, I really think it’s so handy! And I think that it would also be SO convenient to have in the bathroom so that if the boys need to pee in the middle of the night, they don’t have to deal with blinding lights, or getting their pants wet in the darkness.


Philips Disney mickeymouse nightlight
Image source Philips


You can buy the Disney range online here, and if you have a UOB card, just enter UOB15 at checkout for a 15% discount storewide including hue and Disney lighting! Valid until 31 July 2014 and other terms and conditions will probably apply which you might want to check out for yourself.


Disclaimer: Thank you to Philips Singapore for gifting us with a few products which have really changed the way we do things around here. It’s not every day that something like that happens!



2 thoughts on “Philips and Disney Night Lights review and discount code!

  1. I’ve been considering getting Softpals for my little ones and after seeing the pics, I’m so gonna get them, they are so cute! Thanks for the discount code!


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