Writing Process Blog Hop

My lovely blogger mummy friend Adeline from Growing With The Tans invited me to participate in this interesting writing process blog hop. Although I’ve met Adeline only once (or was it twice??) she’s one of those fabulous people who don’t need much warming up to, and it’s been interesting reading about the work behind other mummy bloggers sites, so naturally I agreed to! You can read about Adeline’s writing process here. Also thanks to Adeline for not getting all kan cheong because I agreed to join the blog hop but was so busy and almost clean forgot for a long time!


What am I working on?

We have just returned from Shanghai and Hangzhou, so we are trying to adjust to our usual routines. Of course I plan to share more on our trip in due time.

I recently changed my site’s theme, and I really need a much nicer header, but I just haven’t had the time to design one (as if I can even do it??) or anything of the like. But I had to change the theme because I felt the old one just wasn’t me anymore.

Currently I have FAR too many draft posts – sometimes I’ll have a thought or inspiration and feel like blogging about it, but I feel uncomfortable writing a post that doesn’t have a structure that I’m comfortable with, or sometimes the inspiration is lost or forgotten, or sometimes there just isn’t the time to even sit down and have a coffee, let alone blog.


How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Although there are some sponsored posts, and taking on paid assignments can be challenging in a good way, I’m not really planning on monetizing this blog. Sometimes I’ll approach companies or organizations as I’m keen on bringing interesting information to my readers.

I do like to share activities, eats, and travel, all kid-related. I try not to deviate too far from the parenting and children themes. I’m especially passionate about my country and making this a more child-friendly place, and many of my posts will reflect that.


Why do I write what I do?

Before I met The Man, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to get married, let alone have kids, and I certainly didn’t imagine myself having three! I’m not a supermum, although I wish I were, but I don’t have the patience nor tenacity. Every day, I try my best at being a good enough mum, and as so many other mums who have inspired me, I hope there might be at least some little nuggets of hope, inspiration, amusement, whatever, to other parents. I also like to keep things real rather than create an image of our widdle family in our white picket fence house.

I started our blogging on LJ with the usual “Here’s all the massively exciting things we did today!” but slowly realised our lives are pretty boring. And then I got bored of myself. I think I’ve evolved to where I’m comfortable.


How does my writing process work?

Mostly I write what I feel like writing, and I like the freedom of writing and not having to worry about readership and site stats and what advertisers might think. Not taking on too many paid assignments also means there are less commitments, so I write when I’m inspired. I know I could use a lot more photos in my posts, but sometimes I honestly don’t even have the hands to hold anything else, so maybe it’ll just have to wait until the kids are older.


Honestly, I never thought I would call myself a blogger, and I still have difficulty saying that now with a straight face! I feel a little embarassed to tell friends I have a blog. But being a blogger and getting to know other mummies, such as those from the Singapore Mom Bloggers has been such an eye opening experience and I’ve met so many amazing people.


Next on the blog hop is Diana who writes at Chubby Anecdotes – please do hop over to her blog to read about how she writes!


2 thoughts on “Writing Process Blog Hop

  1. I am like you, trying not to take up too many sponsored assignments. Just last month, I think I published 5 posts in a week and it was too much for me. They happen to be on the same time frame. After that, I decided I still love writing about my parental experience and am much more selective on reviews after that. Your blog theme is clean and nice. Now, I need to find time to revamp mine 😛


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