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What are you doing this weekend? (August 2014)

I love the old adage, “When it rains, it pours”, and it seems like this is one of the weekends where there will be so many things going on!

The Singapore Garden Festival has been ongoing since 16 August, but sadly it looks like I might have to give it a miss if the kids don’t get better from their flu.

There is the Rise and Shine Expo 2014, and you can read more details about it in my previous post here. Even if you’re not keen on the parenting seminars or trial workshops, it’s worth a visit. Also do look out for Thinkersbox at booth A13 and 15, who are running a special promotion for their Intellibox, which I previously reviewed here.

Gymnademics will also be at Rise and Shine. We have been attending the classes there, and I will have my review of their classes up very soon! You can learn more about their classes and their upcoming September holiday programme. More details here.

Then there is also the Mother a Tongue Language Symposium which comprise of workshops, activities and performances, and exhibitors, organised by the Ministry of Education. For many of us, bilingualism (ok, just learning Mandarin) can be quite a struggle, so this should be an interesting event.

Then there is the Act 3 NTUC Income Kite Festival 2014!

And if none of those events interest you (only the Garden Festival is a paid event, the rest are free leh!), there are plenty of OTHER fun for free things you can do in Singapore (on any weekend, not just this coming one!). Hope over to Gingerbread mum’s Fun for Free page to find out!

Now if only we (ok more like I!) had the energy to attend ALL the events!

3 thoughts on “What are you doing this weekend? (August 2014)

  1. my weekends are packed now – but maybe I”ll give the Kite festival a visit. Ruth has 3 classes on Sundays (thanks to extra ballet rehearsal) so we’ve been trying to chill a bit more – she’s complaining she has no time to play – not realising that everything else we plan for her (beyond the classes) is PLAY! *faintz*


    1. Actually my boys are quite homebodies too, and don’t like to be shuttled from place to place. They hardly ask to leave the house (apart from going to the playground!)


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