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A visitor’s guide to the Pinnacle@Duxton skybridge (for kids)

pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB
View of the south and west.

Anyone still on a National Day high? Although we are such an urban jungle, I think one of the best ways to appreciate our city is to view it from high above. There are many places with breath-taking views that range from restaurants to bars to Super trees. This is just one of the many!

pinnacle duxton HDB

pinnacle duxton HDB bukit pasoh
The new and the old.

Welcome to Singapore’s tallest government housing. You could call it council housing or public housing, but it has less of the negative connotations. Approximately 85% of Singapore’s population live in flats built by the Housing Development Board (HDB), and by and large these flats and its proximity are where all the amenities are. You can read more about public housing in Singapore here.

The Pinnacle@Duxton (names with @ really annoy me) is an iconic 50-storey estate featuring a sky garden on the 50th floor and a 800-metre jogging track on the 26th level. For a nominal fee of $5, anyone can visit the sky garden (sorry no access to the 26th for the general public), although it is free for residents and their visitors.

Here is a pictorial guide to the sky bridge, and I’ve highlighted several points you might like to know if you’re thinking of bringing your children on a little excursion.

The 50th storey

pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB
This shows the different views from the various blocks, starting from Block A on the left to Block G on the right of the image. Source.
pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB
View of the CBD

There are several areas of interest that the kids could play at too.

pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB
pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB
pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB
The Beach. The blue part is actually just a rubber surface.
pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB
Rocky. (I am not making these names up!)
pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB
Rocky is a great workout for me. It isn’t so easy to climb, so I spend more energy hoisting the kids up than they do climbing it.
pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB

Along the sky bridge there is only ONE section near Block C that is sheltered. This might be a problem if it rains, especially since you’re not allowed re-entry if you’ve paid for it. It is sometimes very windy, so you might want to bring along an extra shirt or sweater for the kids. Don’t forget to bring lots of water, although if you are thirsty there is a vending machine on the third floor of Block G, next to the RC room and facing the overhead bridge. There is also a larger vending machine (as well as an AXS machine) at the Community Centre.

Access to the Sky Bridge

pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB

To activate your EZ Link card, you can do so at the first level of Block G, just behind the bus stop and 7-11.
Use this machine to activate your card.
pinnacle duxton HDB skybridge
Now, if you’re thinking maybe you can just pay $5 for one person and slip the rest through, please take a look at this gantry. Kids (depending on how skinny they are) can probably enter with adults – for me with a baby in arms and a toddler in tow, it’s quite a squeeze.

Read more FAQs about accessing the skybridge here.

Note the house rules. There are NO rubbish bins along the sky garden, only at the lift lobbies, so please take your trash along with you TYVM.

If you are bringing a pram, once you’re on the 50th floor, you can call the admins who will deactivate the locked gate for you to access, and repeat the process to exit. No bicycles or skate scooters are allowed either (boohoo!).

While it is usually pretty tranquil on most days, be warned that some times tourists and students do come by the bus load. And there is the occasional couple taking wedding photos. But there is usually plenty of space for all.

pinnacle duxton skybridge HDB RWS fireworks
Fireworks at RWS

On some nights, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the fireworks from Universal Studios. On special occasions such as National Day and New Years’ Eve where there will be fireworks at the Marina Bay area, you will be able to catch a glimpse of fireworks too, if you don’t mind the entire CBD blocking the view! On such days there are special restrictions for access to the bridge.


 Other areas

If you are able to access the 26th floor, there are several play areas which I actually think are more suitable for kids than on the 50th. Of course the view is not as spectacular, but the kids certainly don’t mind.

The Spacenet. The slide looks very slippery but it’s the exact opposite. and is actually not much fun to slide down!
The slide
The slide
The Meadow. Instead of the real slide at the playground, the kids love using these structures as slides.
name of this place? These little colourful wiggles are hollow tubes to allow sound to travel through.

There are NO toilets anywhere in the estate, except on the third floor of Block F, facing the walkway to the Tanjong Pagar CC, and there are also toilets in the CC itself, and the food court at Block E (but they seemed to have closed so the toilet is not in use for now!).

There are also three (yes three!) playgrounds on the third floor of the estate, spanning from blocks C to E. The little ones would definitely like that! And if it still isn’t enough, the Duxton Plain Park is a stretch between the estate leading to Eu Tong Sen street.


Around the Area

If you’re looking for a bite after it before your trip, there is a small cafe Maple Cafe at the Tanjong Pagar CC which offers an ice cream buffet. Otherwise there are plenty of hipster joints in Everton Park, and even a traditional but organic soya bean place. Then there is the Bukit Pasoh area (for everything from Oso to Restaurant Andre to cafes like The Lokal), Keong Saik Road with boutique hotels, restaurants, famous zhi chars, and a traditional roasted meats and duck eatery. The Duxton area also boasts a wide variety of cafés, bakeries and restaurants, and even a wonderful little bookstore called Littered with Books who have a good collection of children’s books at very reasonable prices.


I hope you find this useful, do let me know if you have any questions ao that I can make the guide more comprehensive!






3 thoughts on “A visitor’s guide to the Pinnacle@Duxton skybridge (for kids)

  1. Hey hey! I love this place! I have never been up there and never even thought of going. But now, after reading your post, I think it’s worth the $5 to go up there. Is this $5 per pax even for the kids and baby? I am amazed they have so many fun play on top. The view is certainly spectacular. I wonder if it is really crowded on National Day. Probably they limit number of people going up. Thanks for sharing! Another Fun For Free post yeah?! 😛


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