Halloween and other make believe for kids

This month we’ve been to three theme parks – Universal Studios Singapore, Ocean Park Hong Kong, and Disneyland Hong Kong. I hadn’t realised how big of a deal halloween is these days, and anyone in the hospitality line who can, is going all out to squeeze the event of what it’s worth (much like Valentine’s, Christmas, etc), starting from late September.

While USS and Disney saved most of their theatrics for the weekend evenings, Ocean Park had actors out entertaining visitors, posing for photos and often sneaking up on people to give them a little fright, or having a group of zombies in a mass dance. It was all in good fun of course, but with young kids, and impressionable minds, and not wanting to give them any nightmares, I steered them away as much as possible.

So it was also timely that just recently we saw an episode of SuperWhy on The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween, in which Little Ghost is scared of everything he sees. He then learns the Super Story Answer is “make believe”, and realises that everything is not real.

Going to the Lights, Camera, Action! feature at USS (for my first time ever!) was also a good chance for me to try and explain to Mittens how movies are made, and although being in the midst of the storm was scary for them and felt so real, it was all calculated and executed so precisely. He later sat on The Revenge of the Mummy ride (he might have now surpassed me in the number of rides I’ve been on!) and understandably found it scary, but it helped to apply what he learnt in the SuperWhy episode that it’s all make believe.


If your child has similar fears, I hope this episode of SuperWhy will help him too. Enjoy!!



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