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Poolzies – cute pool shoes for toddlers!


Ever found yourself at the poolside saying, I mean shouting to the kids “Walk! Don’t run!!”. We all know it’s dangerous to run by the pool because it’s slippery everywhere, and often the tiles in and around the pool are so sharp! (Why is that so, anyway? So un-user-friendly!)

I was pleasantly surprised to discover Poolzies which are water shoes for babies. As divers (although actually I’ve hung up my fins), we’re so used to the idea of booties (no, not those that newborn babies wear!). But water shoes for kids are a lot less common.


Now Scout has loved the water since she was born. She used to enjoy her baths as a newborn, and at a little past 2 years, is progressing quite well in her swimming lessons, holding her breath under water effortlessly. The only problem with this confidence, is that I have to be extra vigilant with her, and she is always trying to squirm away to swim on her own play around the shallow pools or pool steps.


So when I was sent a pair of Poolzies I quickly tried it on her. She liked them, although sometimes she will want to wear them and sometimes not. And sometimes she will just want to wear them in the house. Kids, eh? They are a lovely lycra material, which have UPF50+ protection. The soles are made from material known as Toughtek USA which I think is soft enough so that it’s easy for kids to wear and grow into. It’s not the hard type of material that most booties are made out of. They are also very light, so they won’t hinder the child’s movements when they swim.


I think they would also be great if you want a little protection while playing by the beach. From our experience at beach holidays, kids don’t seem to be as bothered by bits of coral and all on the sand, even when we adults found it impossible to walk along the beach without feeling too pricked. Perhaps because kids are lighter in weight and thus exert less force on the soles of their feet? Anyhow, a pair of Poolzies would be good for that too, and for hot surfaces around a beach resort or pool.

Check out Poolzies here!



Disclaimer: We were sent a pair of Poolzies for review. All opinions are 100% my own.


One thought on “Poolzies – cute pool shoes for toddlers!

  1. eh, i thought these would be great if you ever hit those swimming pools with sharp surfaces…you know how some of them have terrible finishes and soaked skin is so delicate and susceptible to “painless” scratches that hurt like mad later!


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