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How can it be December already??

I am alive! I can’t believe that I have not written a post in so long. The school holidays have now started, and we’ve been so busy, as always. I love how there are always plenty to do during the school holidays but I’m now left with one week (out of 6?!) where we have nothing planned at all. Which really should be what school holidays are about, isn’t it?

We’ve just returned from 2 holidays back to back (with another to go before the end of the year), and a day before we left we had to send our helper home for good as she had finished her contract and wanted to return. So on top of being busy, our house looked like it had exploded. Literally. We have since been joined by our new helper, but she is completely new to Singapore, and her English seems very limited, so.. well I shan’t bore you with any of these details.

Oh did I also mention that due to the husband’s work commitments (namely people leaving their claims to the last minute; and him prepping to move his work to a much larger space), the three kids and I left for vacation first, and the husband joined us later. Of course it helped that I had 8 other family members along, but that’s one off my achievement list! I think I could probably do it again, although I hope I never have to 🙂

We’ve also been busy with holiday programmes, such as a Chinese camp at KidStartNow. Abacus loves it but Mittens isn’t as enthused. This was our second time attending our camp, and I’m amazed at how excited Abacus was about going because he is usually VERY reluctant by nature, and Mittens is usually the one who is enthusiastic, or at least open to trying new things. Many people have raved about their programmes, and but there you go, I guess different strokes for different folks – there might be times where you can’t find one programme to suit all them kids. Do give it a try if you are looking around for a good, engaging Chinese programme!

We also attended a lovely Christmas programme at BlueTree Education, started by my lovely friend Mother Kao, which even Scout participated in somewhat and loved it! I will write more about that soon.

The boys have also completed 2 days at Heart Studio, and they love these art lessons because the work they make is just amazing! Many of my friends are full of praises for their art programme, and the boys amaze themselves (and myself too, of course), with the work they are able to produce under the guidance from the teachers. It’s certainly different from the kind of art they create at home, because no matter how much I guide them, it always turns out to be an entire sheet of mostly black paint, and they’re just all interested in mixing the paint with the water. Maybe I should just change that to a science session, eh?

heart studio, children's art, canvas
The boys and their masterpieces

We will also be attending an EQ4Kids session at Kidz Literacy Cove – the boys last attended a phonics workshop with them and really enjoyed it – actually Abacus enjoyed it more than Mittens, but I’m just thankful that my shy reserved second son is slowing blossoming, in his own way.

This school holidays feels so different because next year Mittens will be starting Primary 1 and Scout will be starting Nursery 1. How life will change for us! I am almost in denial about this happening because I have not yet prepared anything for school. For either of them. Or myself.

So, I am very much still alive, and I have so many posts to be updated, but forgive me for enjoying my time with my babies while I still can. 🙂


5 thoughts on “How can it be December already??

  1. I am actually pretty envious. kekeke. I hope I brought the kids on a holiday. But they spent most of it at home with the TV and without me. Hope your new helper settles down soon and jia you jia you! Way to go, Mummy!


  2. You and the kids have done so much in 5 weeks! I too can’t believe that the year is ending… I’ve not prepared anything for school yet, so you’re not the only one. 🙂


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