2015, here we come!

The new year starts tomorrow, and the first day of school the day after. I am so unprepared! I can’t imagine that Scout will be in N1 and Mittens in P1. He has been much more excited about Primary School than I have been, which I am so thankful for, I have been dragging my feet on all the little tasks to do before school starts.

It has certainly been an interesting year for us. We’ve done so many things and been to so many places. As the kids are getting older, I’d have thought parenting would also get easier, but it feels like it has been the most trying year, given that they are getting older and getting more demanding!

This last half of the year I have been more quiet on the blog to focus on the family.  It always seemed like if they didn’t have my full attention, or if I was busy doing something else in the house, they’d be up to their shennanigans! I know, they are kids afterall, but sometimes, it would be nice to just have 5 minutes alone, wouldn’t it?

And after an incident left me feeling that my children could be at risk of a very potential threat, both online and offline, I decided to scale back a little. I surprised myself by how strongly I felt about the matter, and it helped me realise that as a mother, I would be prepared to do anything to protect my cubs.

This coming year, I do hope to continue writing, and hopefully with the kids in school I will have a little more time to myself and to take on more work tasks. My only resolution? To be that mummy – the mother who enjoys her kids, who manages to get her kids to cooperate most of the time without scolding, who doesn’t need to repeat herself 3 times before having to even raise her voice before anyone listens, to…. I’m sure many of us have that image, that idea, of who we want to be. And many times, we are much harder on ourselves than other people are. So I hope I can be that mummy, but with realistic expectations as well!

Oh well, ready or not, here we go! Happy new year everyone!!!


2 thoughts on “2015, here we come!

  1. I can feel your concerns about potential threats. I can also feel your wish to become that yummy mummy. I think we’ll always end up repeating instructions 3 times or more when it comes to children, or even teens in future. So, I am trying to use some authoritative voice and look them in the eyes when I say something I mean it. Maybe we should try some sing song way to say out instructions, lol! Anyway, glad to hear that your child looks forward to P1! Hope it goes well on the first days 🙂


    1. I think you are right abiut the singing instructions part – probably something different might catch their attention once in a while? It seems like they tune out any firm/authoritative voive after a while, grr!

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