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Soccer with JSSL


This is not a sponsored post.

Mittens is quite the sporty type, and takes easily to sports. But even with his active nature, I find that I have to actively carve out timers make sure that the kids are doing lots of physical activity, because it’s good for their brains, their eyesight, and if they can sleep well (and early!), all the better!!

He has been taking soccer lessons with JSSL for some time now. I initially chose them because the timing and location suited us. More than that, I like JSSL because they are very organised. I like how the coaches are very experienced, and I’ve noticed that they handle the kids (99% boys, of course) very well – they are always attentive, despite having to look after quite a number of kids in their group, but if the need arises because of disagreements or squabbles, they are always firm.

They also offer free trials; and are also rather flexible with makeup lessons. If you know you’ll be away and going to miss a lesson, they can pro-rate the fees before you start a term, or you can choose to do a makeup lesson at one of their other locations. For Mittens age group they run lessons approximately 5 times a week, which is great for busy parents like me!

Perhaps I was especially impressed because Mittens had previously attended sessions which ran in a condominium where it was 1-2 guys was coaching 6-8 kids and handling all the administration matters. JSSL have many many more kids but also something like 5-6 coaches and 2-3 other staff on hand.

There are many soccer schools out there these days, but if the location and timing suits you, you might want to consider giving JSSL a try!



3 thoughts on “Soccer with JSSL

  1. Lol, love kids going to sleep early part 😉 It is true though, so are the rest of the reasoning. I will try out a club introducing soccer through family play (there will be playing with a ball but also other physical skills will be trained through games and obstacle courses) with my son next Sunday. It’s place were they expect parents to play with their kids, so I think it could be fun. And he really likes balls. We’ll see if it is anywhere near as organised and good as the school your boy goes to!

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