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A Blue(Tree) Christmas

bluetree education, christmas
The group of kids who attended the BlueTree Christmas programme

Last year, (sounds like ages ago, doesn’t it??) we were invited to join a Christmas Holiday speech and drama and craft programme by BlueTree Education. It included story-telling, role-play, print awareness, lots of physical movement, arts and music, specially designed to encourage children to express their creativity! The theme was Christmas, so it was Christmas stories, Christmas nomenclature, Christmas art, and even a surprise visit from Father Christmas himself.

bluetree education, christmas
I love programmes where the kids don’t have to sit all day!

Each session started with warm-ups which the kids unwittingly coordinated themselves because they were always having so much fun running and chasing each other about the room. I guess they just felt so at ease in the classroom and with one another? The kids all got along well and they certainly fed off each other’s energy. Even after a 3 hour session, they had to be torn away!

The first half of the session would start with story-telling, and based on the story or the day’s theme, they would be introduced to several key words which would be reinforced throughout the lesson. Then there would be role-playing, coloring, or other activities. The second half of the session would be crafting, and I loved that the crafts were challenging, and not easy-peasey crafts, but at the same time the kids did a wonderful job with them, and were very proud of themselves. When we returned home with the sock snowmen, Mittens kept telling me all we needed was a pair of socks and stuffing, although at the moment we don’t have any socks to be turned into snowmen (sorry, son!).


Because this was a special session for some of us mummies who already know each other, and because she wasn’t too disruptive, the teachers were happy to accommodate Scout (when she was not napping). She even insisted on taking part in some of the craft sessions. The highlight of the week-long session? Getting a Hello Kitty balloon from Santa Claus. And I know it was the highlight because that night at home (or was it the day after?), she actually said, “Santa Claus give me Hello Kitty.”. And before that, I didn’t even know she knew who was Santa!


BlueTree Education was set up by a group of really passionate ex-MOE teachers, including one MotherKao, whom I love talking to because she has a lot of ideas and opinions, and I can tell you she is one passionate teacher!

Find out more about BlueTree here. Also, my dear readers get $50 any regular (not holiday) programme at BlueTree, just mention I sent you!

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