More tips on how to get your child to brush their teeth

I have previously shared some tips on how we get kids to brush their teeth. Since you know kids like to mix it up sometimes and change their minds about what they like or don’t like, it can be an ongoing challenge, and there will be days when they just don’t feel like doing what’s best for them.

As part of one of the 5 ways we get the kids to brush their teeth in my previous post, one of the ways I mentioned, was to spin stories.

“We tell the boys that worms will make holes in their teeth because they love the food stuck in their teeth. We also do try and tell them that actually it’s bacteria and decay, blah blah blah, but I think it’s best to leave the cheemology scientific explanations to when they’re older, so for now we use worms as a way to personify bacteria.”


We were very amused that when we saw this TVC, because it perfectly illustrated what we were trying to tell them! I hunted it down on YouTube to show the kids again, as well as show it to Scout, since she is now coming of age to learn about worms. Haha!

We also recently saw another TVC, which has pretty good illustrations too. We are by no way recommending this brand, we do love the graphic illustrations though!

Enjoy!! 😀



4 thoughts on “More tips on how to get your child to brush their teeth

  1. Ruth is more ‘religious’ about brushing than bathing!

    I tried both DIRECT and INDIRECT ways:

    Direct – I injected (more than) my fair share of horror ‘ants/lizards/cockroaches-in-your-mouth’ stories (aka threats). ha.

    Indirect – Jokingly tease each other with stinky mouths (chasing after her etc to influence her on how unpleasant it can be…)

    But it takes so much work to do ‘indirect’ stuff so usually, i stick to horror stories! 😛


  2. My kids played with an app that they are “doctor” and “dentist”. And they illustrated the “bacteria” in the mouth. So that is how my boy understand that he needs to brush his teeth properly. Illustrations are the best aren’t they?


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