This is not a tribute


It has been a tough week for all.

I’m pretty sure I don’t speak for myself when I say many of us have found ourselves unexpectedly tearing, if not sobbing, throughout the entire week. Many of us have been overwhelmed by our own emotions.

But I’m not here to tell you how much I am grateful for the man. No, how do you express such a wide range of pride, gratitude, loyalty and all kinds of other emotions into words?

Watching the documentaries, knowing the accolades and achievements, that was one thing. But the personal accounts from his political counterparts, his friends, his family, the mark of a great legend truly has to be how easily he reduced so many other great men to tears of love and respect.

I could tell you the story of how my father never completed his (then-equivalent) polytechnic certification before he was hired by an MNC where he spent all his working career, or how poor my husband’s family was in the early days. But certainly you don’t need to hear the details, because I know you have your own story – they are the Singapore Stories, they are our Singapore Stories.

After the funeral, Bill Clinton said, “He was a gift not only to Singapore, but to the world.”

My fellow Singaporeans, and friends of Singapore, let us remember to continue his good work in building the country we want it to be, the country we want for our children. Let us learn from him and agree to disagree; to seek out discourse among your peers; to do what we think is right. Let us not wait for someone else to provide it or do it, courtesy begins with me, and so does everything else. Let’s do it!


p.s. Here is a previous post on things you can do to change your country, by no means anywhere near exhaustive!



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