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Giveaway: Rise and Shine with the Rise and Shine Carnival 2015!

Hello folks! We have survived the school holidays, and a rather rough week if I may say so. I’m a bit relieved the holidays had only been one week, because our routines have been all out of whack, and I have been so muddled recently, forgetting about Mittens’ Berries classes TWICE. What’s up with that?! Not that I don’t like the holidays, but clearly I need to get my act together more.

And in a bid to do that, I’ve been thinking about waking up earlier, and I’ve even “started” Little Green Dot’s How to Become a Morning Person “course”…..but I’m such an owl, it’s not been easy changing habits I’ve formed for so many (many!) donkey years. I already consider ourselves extremely extremely lucky that now that we’re in Primary 1, we only have to be in school at 750am (YES!), and we just need to stumble across the road to school, but still I have trouble waking up! And worse still, I seldom have a good breakfast myself.

carnival poster_FINALThat brings me to the Rise and Shine Carnival 2015. The carnival was conceived as the largest outdoor carnival in Singapore that is breakfast picnic themed for families. It is aimed to raise awareness on healthy development of children through good dietary and lifestyle habits as research findings show 1 in 3 children have unhealthy breakfast. Oops I think all 3 of my kids do not have regular breakfasts, but does it count if 2 of them are often already full on milk, and for the last 1 he doesn’t usually have much time so he just gets a slice of bread or bun? Looks like I need to start channeling my inner supermummy and start getting my act together.

This year the Rise & Shine Carnival 2015 will be at a much larger venue, the floating platform, and they will have an Angry Birds performance, kiddy rides, sports and a soccer clinic plus a Manchester United legend apparently, bubbles, face painting, an obstacle course and gigantic bouncy castle, and meet & greet with mascots and more! The kids will definitely be entertained and spoilt for choice during this massive picnic. And for late risers like me who like to sleep in a little on the weekends, good news, the booth games will run until 5pm so you don’t have to rush down.


Rise & Shine are sponsoring 2 pairs of tickets to the carnival for my readers! All you need to do is to enter this Rafflecopter and answer this simple question: Where is the venue of this year’s Rise & Shine Carnival? Winners will be selected by Sunday April 5th. Good luck!


And if you aren’t able to win, you can also buy your tickets online with a 15% discount if you use the code “MummyEd” online at the website

See you there!!



Rise & Shine Carnival 2015
Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay
Date: Saturday, 18 April 2015
Time: 8am – 12pm (booth activities will continue to run till 5pm! Kids have more time to try out games at each booth)
Ticket price: Free entry for kids below 12 years old.
$20/ ticket. Each paying adults will receive a play coupons worth $40 and each family will receive a picnic mat free.
Visit website for more details:


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