A long March into April

Has it already been a week since the funeral of the century? It feels as if life and everything else paused for a while there, and everyone spent their days devouring articles, opinions, videos, photos, anything and everything! (Although if there is ONE article you MUST read about what an AWFUL, TERRIBLE place Singapore is to live in, you must read THIS thoroughly entertaining and entirely true article. Poor us!) 

Things are now slowly getting back to normal, but I feel as if I’ve lost the momentum from the new year. I have so many items on my To-do list that I’m avoiding. I find it hard to get started or keep motivated on anything. It feels like how you know you have to study for an exam but keep procrastinating! 

Thankfully, as we move into Semester 2, the kids seem to be coping well with school. Scout is still clinging to me like a koala outside of school, but otherwise enjoying it and learning so much every day; as is Abacus who has improved in his Chinese by leaps and bounds and is doodling every day; and Mittens, who had to transit into Primary 1 this year, seems to be taking it much better than I am. In fact, I think he has been more prepared for it than I have. He’s pretty enthusiastic about his school work, and has even taken to reminding ME that he has e.g. spelling to learn. 

Although it was on the back of my mind to do so, he actually asked me for a timetable to follow at home, and last week he asked for a chore chart (in different terms) with rewards that could be exchanged for iPad time. We don’t even enforce that now, we allow them to use it on occasion, which if under my watch is actually very very seldom since I always say “No battery!”. So I think not only is he adapting well to school, he might just be a better parent than I am! Now if only I can get him to be more responsible for his belongings, and oh I wouldn’t mind if the boys would stop fighting too…

We have not gone on any holidays yet this year, shock! Horror! First world problems! I hardly stop thinking about traveling, and have been busy planning several trips. But after making all the arrangements for a 14-pax family holiday this coming June, I’m ready to retire from playing travel agent. Or until I get itchy again, which I suspect might be around 6 months. 

Honestly, life that revolves around school going kids, or kids in general, can get somewhat boring and monotonous. Wake, school, home, sleep, repeat. And there are many times when it is monotonous, when it is tiresome, when is it just “sian”; when you find yourself doing the same school drop on auto-pilot, when the kids won’t stop bickering, or when you have to think of what to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner for everyone in the house AGAIN, I try to remind myself it’s the little things that count – the small pockets of time together, the jokes, changing diapers.

So excuse me while I’ve been quiet on the blog.”, there always seems to be so much to do and so little time! And while I’m looking forward to the school holidays (only a little more than a month to go!), I know it’s just going to get more hectic. Ah well, perhaps things will slow down when the kids are in their teens. Or twenties. Or… well whatever it is, we’ll just have to wing it in the meantime, won’t we? 🙂


5 thoughts on “A long March into April

  1. Are you sure it’ll take you 6 months before you start itching to plan the next vacation? Every time I come back from a vacation, I bug my hubby to book air tickets for the next vacation, otherwise I will be staring blankly at Google with nothing to search for.


    1. Haha.. Actually I meant the 14-pax family holidays, it can be quite shack doing the arrangements! We booked flights for just us for the September hols, and I told hubby better not invite the whole clan. Hee!


      1. You’re good. The last time my family went Hong Kong, my sister (who was the planner) just told us the dates and which hotels we would stay in on which dates and asked all of us to go and book our own air tickets and hotels.


  2. Organising a holiday for 14…. I think I’d enjoy the routine 🙂
    More seriously, I think most of us get into the phase were there is so much to do, so much one would like to do and then there is so little time. But what makes it all good are eg the moments you read an evening story together. Or when your son makes you a new song. But at least to me it is important to notice those moments.


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