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May the Fourth be with you – Lego Star Wars Days at Leogland Malaysia!

LEGO Star Wars Days 2015

Did you know that May 4th is Star Wars Day?

Honestly, I was never a fan of Star Wars when I was growing up, and didn’t think too much of Episodes 1-3. I especially find the young Anakin whiney and prone to throwing tantrums. Maybe it stemmed from not knowing where you were conceived from, let alone know who your father is? But having said that, Luke was a much better Jedi, even though his father was absent all his life, and whose parenting methods are highly questionable – I mean, who cuts off their son’s hand?


So I was naturally doubtful and apprehensive, when the husband started the boys on Star Wars, Episodes 4-6 of course, and I must say I grew to like it a lot more since there was much less whining (I have enough of that at home), and Harrison Ford really kicks ass.

It was amazing that the boys were so interested in the movies, and I think they were barely 3 when they started. Soon we had a whole collection of Star Wars books, light sabers, etc. The other day, Scout (all of 2.5 years old) pointed to Chewy and said, “He’s a wookiee, don’t be scared.”, and I was completely blown over. A few days later, I realised why:


Still amused though.

This May 4th, Legoland Malaysia is celebrating Star Wars with a Big Bang, although not quite as big as blowing up the Death Star. There will be parades featuring the Star Wars interest group members on May 3rd and 4th, which I’m sure would be AMAZING, given how there are SO many Star Wars fanatics out there. If you can’t make it, for the rest of May there will be various activities, such as

  • Photo opportunities with a LEGO Star Wars™ photo wall,
  • Building stations for guests to try their hand at building LEGO Star Wars™ Microfighters and contribute to a LEGO Star Wars™ Mosaic mural
  • A LEGO Star Wars™ themed workshop for children at the LEGO Mindstorm Centre
  • Star Wars™ themed LEGO model creations competition winners from all over Asia will be displayed until August

You can also stand to win a 2D/1N experience at Legoland Malaysia with this contest by Tourism Malaysia!


We are going to have to plan a trip there soon!


Check out Darth Vader and Son for more hilarious cartoons on parenting, and of course we are all excited about the upcoming movie too. There is really so much for the padawans to learn from these epic movies! I will always remember how each youngling has difficulty with “R2D2”, they will say things like “R2-doo-tee”, “ah-too”. I’m sure they’re going to love BB-8!






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