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Chinese holiday programmes at Kidstartnow!

While Mittens is taking fruitful (hurhur) Chinese classes at one of the most popular centres in Singapore, Abacus did not enjoy it and cried for almost 9 months and now has an aversion to it. So when I heard about the holiday camps at KidStartNow, I decided to give it a try, and thankfully he really liked it. I briefly mentioned it in an older post here.

This June we will be attending the June Superhero Camp with them again, and I’m excited to see how their new centre in Bedok will be like.

This June the theme is on Superheroes!
This June the theme is on Superheroes!

If you are interested, do go to their website for more information, and here is a very informative post from mummy Says Happy Mums on Kidstartnow and the upcoming holiday camps.


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3 thoughts on “Chinese holiday programmes at Kidstartnow!

    1. Aww we were supposed to do the last week but now we’re 16-19 because we had a medical appointment on one of the days of the last week! Would have been nice to catch up 🙂


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