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WRS Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Bird Park printable bingo animal search sheets

River Safari Search page
River Safari Search

The Wildlife Resources Singapore, who run the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari and Jurong Bird Park, are having a series of ongoing SG50 entrance promotions which you can check out here. My kids love the parks and Scout is constantly bugging me to go see the birds at the bird park, or the elephants. Now that we live a good 30 minutes away, it’s less convenient, and can I tell you that my ridiculously pampered children complain about being in a car? FOR 30 minutes?!

In recent years, I have loved how the new animal signage include information on each animal’s habitat and diet. The kids love that, and it made it much easier to explain extinction risks using the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. We also recently learnt about habitats in one of our Sparkanauts classes, and I came across this amazing FREE habitat printable which the kids have loved learning about. The World Wildlife Foundation website has an extensive collection of information on the more endangered species, and the Defenders website also has a great collection of kid-friendly information.

Anyhow, on one of our trips to the RWS SEA Aquarium, I downloaded a little bingo sheet, which the kids loved doing, although they abandoned it after a while and preferred just looking at the exhibits (kids!). So after one of our many trips to the River Safari, which I much prefer over the other exhibits because it’s a lot more shady and less mosquito infested and has TWO large air-conditioned enclosures (sorry I digress), I decided to make my own bingo sheet of sorts. You can always download other animal bingo or checklist sheets, but I wanted one more localised without the kids asking me where a this and that animal (that we didn’t have in our parks) was, and getting disappointed. And since the WRS website has plenty of lovely photos, I thought, why not!

With the search sheets (that’s what I’m calling them) the kids get enthusiastic in the beginning, fight over who is using which pen or marker (seriously, kids?!), and forget them after a while, but I’ve found them to be pretty fun to do. Instead of using them as bingo, we just mark off the ones that we’ve seen. I suppose you could do the same with the park map and a marker too?

So here are my very first printables which you can download! But please note:

  • They look a little random because I have not used Microsoft Office much in more than 5 years, so each was created in different formats, and I don’t have 48 hours in a day to re-work them.
  • All photos are taken from the WRS website, so I hope they don’t ask me to take them down (I did credit them, and I am crediting them now!)
  • I picked the animals that my kids were more interested in, and the ones that are more high profile. Or where photos were available.
  • The sheets are used for personal use only, and not for sale or distribution. They are not to be amended.
Singapore Zoo Search
Singapore Zoo Search – click to download!
River Safari Search - click to download!
River Safari Search – click to download!
Jurong Bird Park Search - click to download!
Jurong Bird Park Search – click to download!


And if you have any suggestions (other than fine tuning the layout, because please, I am reaching that age where I will soon be long-sighted), I would love to hear them. I could probably add in spaces for the kids to list the habitat or diet, but I will just keep it simple for now. And I’m missing a Night Safari sheet, but we have not been there for ages, especially since I like to get the kids in bed early! So I will probably do one eventually.


9 thoughts on “WRS Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Bird Park printable bingo animal search sheets

  1. I love, love, love these! (I know I told you this already, but I’m so happy you made these that I need to tell you again! Haha.)
    Thanks for all the hard work, and for sharing them!


  2. I tried something similar last year when we brought the kids to a farm. But in the end the kids were too engross with the animals and forgot about the sheets. So what I did was to take out the sheets after the trip and have them recall which are the animals they saw. And share what the animals were doing when we saw them. Like a mini show and tell.

    p.s. your kids are not alone. My kids complain whenever they are in the car for more than 10mins. Unless they are watching videos! Trying to gey rid of the bad habit and ask them to listen to audio stories instead.


  3. Whoaa.. this is very nicely done. Great job, MummyEd. My children love going to the zoo, and I bet having this printable will be a nice addition for our zoo trip. Thanks for sharing this!


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