Appreciating Your Child seminar at Rise and Shine Carnival (with discount code)!

I have previously written (and also here) about a very moving book entitled Appreciating Your Child. I am definitely no super mum, and some days I feel very overwhelmed. Often I will recall Professor Zhou Hong’s philosophies to help me see the big picture, the end goal, and to keep me on the path of parenting that I want to be on instead of getting pulled under by the small stuff. His principles are very practical, and I strongly recommend the book to everyone. It is readily available in our local libraries. There is also an interesting article based on the philosophy, entitled 4 Ways To Love Your Child Better.

Professor Zhou Hong has a daughter who is deaf, but focussing on the child’s strengths and positive traits to inculcate a healthy self-esteem in the child, she was able to excel far beyond her “normal” peers. It is a very inspiring story.

This year the Rise and Shine carnival is back, and they will be conducting an Appreciating Your Child seminar that I am VERY VERY excited about! There have been many workshops based on the Appreciating Your Child approach, and I have always wanted to attend the workshops, but alas they are always in Chinese, and Chinese not being my strongest subject, Let’s just say, I’ve been struggling with kindergarten Chinese, so of course I didn’t attend them.

So this year’s Rise and Shine Appreciating Your Child seminar, will be held partially in Chinese, which I think potatoes and bananas like myself should be able to handle. Or maybe I can rope in a few friends more fluent in Chinese to help be my translators 😀

Some highlights of the seminar are:

  • How you can build good relationship with your child as a first step towards nurturing better behaviour.
  • How you can focus on a child’s strengths to build healthy self-esteem and thereby encourage better behaviour?
  • How to communicate with your child so that they will listen?
  • How to look for the underlying source of the bad behaviour and address the root of the misbehaviour

Find out more information on the Rise and Shine website here.

DATE: Saturday, 29 August 2015
TIME: 11:00am – 2:00pm
VENUE: Suntec Convention Room 303 – 304

For my readers who are interested in signing up for the seminar, there is a 30% discount using the code MUMMYED. The code expires on 9 July 2015, so please do hurry!

Ris and shine carnival

Apart from the Appreciate Your Child seminar, there will also be:

  • The largest parenting symposium
  • Famous speakers addressing a wide ranging issues on raising kids from 1 – 12 years old.
  • Huge expo featuring the best enrichment and preschool programmes at exclusive discounts!
  • Over 100 FREE Activities to entertain and excite your little kids
  • Over 50 Trial Classes for kids to explore and identify their interest and potential
  • The largest toy and book fair with products up to 80% OFF!

The previous years that we have visited the Rise and Shine Carnival, it has always been super crowded. So do book your workshops early, and try to go as early as possible.

What: Rise and Shine Carnival
When: 28-30 August 2015
Where: Suntec Convention Centre
More info here.




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