Already August?!

It’s August! I haven’t been keeping up with the blogging recently, there have been so many things going on, with work, with the kids sleeping late and waking early (I’m getting a raw deal, I’m convinced), photo books to organize and print for our last extended family holiday, a long overdue for a blog makeover (I finally created an interim one), and holidays to organize…

Some friends have half-jokingly said I should turn my blog into a travel blog, which I would certainly not mind doing if I had the time and money to do so! We are planning a trip each month until the end of the year (one without kids, the rest with), so maybe I should change my blog angle to parenting + travel, eh? 😉 Planning the trips are also taking up a bulk of my free time, and sometimes there can be so many choices it gets mind-boggling and ey-crossing, but no (first world) complaints from me there 🙂

And of course, August is quite a favourite month of mine because it is the birthdays of both my country and myself! Not on the same day, and I’m not yet 50, but it’s still nice to have a month of celebrations :p Happy Birthday to us!!


2 thoughts on “Already August?!

  1. How nice! Happy Birthday to You and Singapore!!! : ) Haha… travel blog eh? mmmm…. sounds exciting! And yr title – resonates- AUGUST Already???!!! faint…. never-ending things to do…. Still blessings on this special month of yr bd! Enjoy!


  2. My birthday is in August too! August kids rock. Hahaha… Come come, join me in the cannot-decide-whether-to-be-parenting-or-travel-blogger group. Though I don’t have money to travel once a month. I just cheat by dragging my blog posts from one vacation across half a year. Wahaha…


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