ZooMoo “Lost” TV Programme and Giveaway

Do you feel guilty about letting your kids watch tv? Well, Everyone does. I believe that there should be  moderation in everything, although I do have to make an effort not to let them watch too much, or programmes that are not age appropriate.

Sometimes, we compromise by watching educational documentaries, especially nature ones since kids love learning about animals, although once in a while when things get a little gory, you know, like a lion hunting and/or killing its prey, Scout will naturally get scared!

Thankfully there are some programmes which are geared specially for kids, like Discovery Kids, although I find it targets more of the primary school level upwards. Then there is also ZooMoo, which is the world’s first preschool channel featuring animals, animals, and lots of animals! ZooMoo has been so popular it is also shown in many countries in the wider Asia Pacific region and ever-expanding.

Come 16 September 2015, ZooMoo will be introducing a brand new series called Lost, where a lovable wildlife photographer Flash gets Lost on every mission, and he and his pals at the headquarters Owl and Piglet have to help Flash find his way through clues and quizzes about Flash’s surroundings. The boys loved it, and I have to say that it was quite engaging, and might be one of my favourite ZooMoo shows.

ZooMoo are hosting Lost related events this weekend! Check this and other ZooMoo related events on their FB page.


Check out a preview of the show here!

They also have a fun ZooMoo app, which is simple and fun for kids, and has a very interesting feature where if you use it while watching ZooMoo TV, the app “listens” to the ZooMoo shows (on your TV) and then unlocks new content! Is that cool or what? Best of all, the app has NO in-app purchases, which is a relief to know for parents!! The boys had a lot of fun playing the app and unlocking animals. The ZooMoo App is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.



ZooMoo recently sent us an activity pack of very interesting things, and you can win one for yourself by entering the rafflecopter HERE! Click HERE to enter. The contest ends on 11 September. Good luck!!


ZooMoo is only Starhub Channel 306.

2 thoughts on “ZooMoo “Lost” TV Programme and Giveaway

  1. We seldom watch television. If my kids do, they would usually ask for their favourite animation DVD is Disney Planes 2: Fire & Rescue.


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