Euro Auto Interior Santisation Review

Our trusty little car turns 8 at the end of the year, and I like to think she’s served us well. We love driving her, and she’s seen us through 3 kids.

I know there might be some of you out there who cringe at the thought of having food in the car, but sometimes all it takes is a little snack to keep your sanity. I often drive the kids myself, which means I could be trying to navigate the roads while managing between 1-3 children at any one time. And unfortunately, I think we don’t always treat the car that well, because the kids have always come first. Which means yes, I let the kids eat in the car, I’ve had to make milk in the car (even at traffic lights!), and there is often rubbish piled up everywhere. I do keep plastic bags specifically for rubbish (and puke), but I have only 2 hands and both are supposed to be on the wheel at any given time (in a 10 o’clock position, no less). If I do have to transport cooked food, I try to leave it in the boot because I’m not a fan of lingering smells.

So when we were invited to try out Euro Auto Lounge’s cleaning and fumigation services, I readily volunteered. We’ve had detailed cleaning and polishing done before (perhaps 4 times in the 8 years?), but I’d never heard of fumigation. In fact, although we will bring the car for the occasional wash and vacuum, we’d only acquired a car vacuum last year (after 6 years of owning a car?!) because the crumbs and such were really getting out of hand, and I couldn’t wait for the next car wash for a vacuum. I’m sure the heat and humidity that our cars are exposed to also makes them prone to becoming hotbeds (hurhur) of germs, mould, bacteria, and all kind of nasties and insects.

When we used to park in an open air HDB car park within the proximity of a refuse collection point, we would get cockroaches occasionally, so I usually will buy a box of cockroach baits and put ALL (4-6) in the car. I haven’t seen any creepy craw lies anywhere since, but after hearing of how Euro Auto have been catching cockroaches from my friends MyLilBookworm and Growing With The Tans, I was both keen and horrified to think of what might be living with us in the car.

I brought the car down to Jalan Tua Kong one morning, and was told they would take a few hours. The car was there from 1030am to 530pm, which is a reasonable time compared to our previous polishing place. At Euro Auto Lounge, they handle approximately only 3 cars a day, so you can imagine the thorough detailing that they do!

Before we started, Felix took one look at the interior and declared the car a “war zone”. Obviously he doesn’t drive around 3 kids, because I didn’t think it was that bad! Haha! But he gamely took on the challenge anyway.

photo2 photo3


While I was away, the car went through a thorough

  1. Exterior Polish Paint Correction (3-Stage Exterior Glow), and
  2. Interior Sanitization with Anti Pest Fumigation services (2-Stage Interior Fumigate)

Nothing like making the car look good on both the inside and out!

The interior process consisted of the following steps:


Clearing loose items in the car. I meant to do this, but well, you know, kids. They really did a thorough cleaning and even consolidated all the loose items we had in the car, some of which I had not seen in years maybe, and others I did not know existed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they possibly found some rogue French fries too, but they probably threw it away.

Fogging. After fogging, they leave the fog to sit in the car while they work on the exterior.


1) Exterior Polish Paint Correction (3-Stage Exterior Glow)
– KochChemie NanoShampoo
– KochChemie RimCleaner
– Claybar Surface to Remove Dirt Particles
– Cleanse and Rinse Vehicle Surface with Water
– Dry with Chamosis
– Access Paint Coat Surface
– Compound
– Polish Paint Correction (Achieve up to 90% Paint Correction)
– Paint Coat Surface Cleanup
– Apply 2 Layers of Jet NanoTech Coating
– KochChemie Waxing Door Stills
– Touch Up on Rims
– Touch Up on Jet NanoTech Coating Residues on Surface
– Ensure No Holograms
– Clean Up All Window Glass
– Explanation of Remains of Swirl Marks/Imperfections/Scratch Marks/Bird Poo Stains
(Products used are ISO certified)

2) Full Sanitization with Anti Pest Fumigation Services (2-Stage Interior Fumigate)
– Clear all items in the vehicle
– Benticide Anti Pest Fumigation
– Check Interior for Pests/Coccon
– Check Car Boot for Pests/Coccon
– Check Engine Bay for Pests/Cocco
– Indepth Jet Vacuum
– KochChemie Multi Interior Cleaner
– KochChemie Cockpit Care
– KochChemie Top Star Leather Conditioning
– Wonderkleen
– ProMed Ozonic Sanitization
(Products used are ISO and SGH certified)

When I returned, the car was sparkling and looked wonderfully new! What I liked about their polishing was that for the interior they do a matte finish, which means it does not feel oily or greasy to the touch as with some other polishes, and doesn’t have a squeaky sound when you sit on it.





 And I’m sure you’re all interested to see the little creatures we have been harbouring in our car, so here they are, the little buggers!


Overall I was impressed by what a thorough job they did!

Although the East Coast location might not be the most convenient for everyone, it was an easy drive for me, and when I dropped the car off I easily walked out to the main road and had some brunch at the coffee shop before catching a cab back. There is also a “market” a few doors down from EuroAuto Lounge, and when we went to pick the car up, I brought the kids to have Springleaf prata a few doors down, which was really good! Which is why I forgot to take a photo of the car in her shiny new coat because the kids were just so excited to have some prata. There is also a Picotin (and a butcher??) across the street.

EuroAuto Lounge recommends that cleaning should be done every 3 months.

EuroAuto Lounge Pte Ltd
Address: 51 Jalan Tua Kong Singapore 457250
Tel: 9837 5603

Operating Hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays
10am to 6pm (Closed on Public Holidays)

Disclaimer: We received a free Exterior Polish Paint Correction and Interior Sanitisation with Anti Pest Fumigation services for the purpose of this review. All opinions and cockroaches are 100% our own.


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