How can we save baby puffins, and save the world?

Late last year, the Straits Times reprinted this article “Something is Seriously Wrong on the East Coast – and It’s Killing All The Baby Puffins.” It was a moving article, so much so that a group of us were discussing the read.

One friend commented, “But what can we do? We are only one in several million billion people”.

Sadly it is true that in some ways we are rather insignificant as individuals. However as a collective, there is a plenty that we can do. I’m pretty sure each of us, in our own way, are already trying to conserve resources – by not wasting water and electricity, etc. Perhaps, we just need to be that little bit more conscious, and put in just that little bit more effort, into what we do and what we can do.

And what exactly can we do?

We can be more informed about what is happening, and our choices. We can choose to complain about the haze, or we can choose to understand what is going on and make our choices accordingly, instead of waiting for someone else (or the gahmen) to do something.

We can teach our children about recycling and caring for the environment. I find it worrying that in my own lifetime I have been able to see climate changes, who knows what the future might hold for us? One of my favourites is the “Plus 5 Degrees” Immersion Projection (a little more interactive version of a video) at the Gardens By The Bay‘s Cloud Forest, which clearly and scarily illustrates how the earth will respond with just a very minor increase in temperature. It’s a great video for kids to watch and “feel”. Click the link to see the video.

If you’re at a loss as to where to start, my friend The Gingerbread Mum, has a list of 60 small impactful changes anyone can make, starting today! Green Issues by Agy has lots of recycling, upcycling, tips, tricks and ideas.

And if you need a little inspiration, I previously wrote about a touching video, in which oceanographer Sylvia Earle talked about World Ocean Day, marine conservation, urging us to choose the right companies, and how we are also in a “sweet spot in time” to make a difference.

Maybe what each of us does will have but only a small impact on making the world a better place, but I’ll be damned if I don’t die trying.

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