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SRT’s Treasure Island


We were invited to a sneak peek at rehearsals for the Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Little Company’s upcoming Treasure Island production, and I was super excited! I thought it would be a great opportunity for the kids to see what goes on behind a performance, and I wasn’t disappointed.

SRT TLC Treasure Island

First, we were able to watch the actors in rehearsal. The producer explained to us that they might only rehearse the more difficult parts and not rehearse the play in its entirety. Then they also explained that they were using some props like a retail clothes hanger as a tree. I took some photos and hope to help them draw the connection between the props in rehearsal and during the actual performance.

Next we were brought to the dressing room where we saw the costumes, and the artwork they did as inspiration of the costumes.

SRT TLC Treasure Island

Finally we saw the stage crew hard at work at preparing the stage.

We can’t wait for the production! If you haven’t already caught it, you have from now until 13 Dec to do so, you can buy tickets from SISTIC here.


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