Review: Ebates Rebates!

Have you heard of Ebates? They have just recently launched their Singapore platform, but they are apparently very well established in the States. So when they approached me to see if I would been keen to review their website, I was a little apprehensive because I’d never heard of it before, and I thought that it might be similar to other websites, some of which are apparently franchise modelled.

I am now quite the online shopper, having converted over since I became a mum and a have a lot less time on my hands to head out shopping, and a lot more time home bound than before. So I decided it would be rather interesting to learn about Ebates. And to be honest, after the meeting, I was more convinced, but still had some of my doubts about the whole system.

Until I actually tried it.

It was super easy, and I didn’t even need to do anything extra, save for logging into the ebates website.

eBates step by step

What you do is, first create an Ebates account. Then, log in to the Ebates website, and from there, select the vendor you want to buy from. They have MANY MANY US-based vendors, but lately I am quite lazy to have the hassle of going through a third party shipper, so I buy mostly stuff that’s free to ship from Amazon, or I don’t buy at all. I’m Singaporean so I’m cheapskate right?? Although comGateway is also one of the Ebates partners so you can get rebates from using their service too.

ebates US retailers

ebates US retailers

Ebates also has quite a number of local sites and the choice is growing, including Redmart, Expedia, Zalora, Groupon, Expedia, Food Panda, Muji, Deal Ensogo, Zuji, Smart Buy Glasses, Honestbee and Rakuten. I have recently discovered the secret to mothers’ sanity which is Honestbee, a delivery service which can pick up groceries, food, etc from several vendors and have it delivered to you within the day. Sometimes they deliver WITHIN A FEW HOURS!! Great for people like me who can’t decide what they need to cook for mealtimes. Or suddenly run out of something but can’t literally run out to get it. So I decided to try it through Ebates and it was super easy! I had cash back credited to my account after the delivery of my goods (in case there are things that are OOS, or something like that), and I didn’t even need to do anything extra!

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 4.23.52 pm

You don’t get the rebates straight away, since the vendor still needs to confirm shipment, etc. But it is very seamless and painless. You have the option to choose whether you want this credited to your PayPal account, credit card or receive it by cheque. I chose the latter so that I can shop more! YAY! The rebates are paid out quarterly, but you can see it credited to your account very quickly.

(This is a dummy dashboard and not MY dashboard, just in case you were being kaypoh)
(This is a dummy dashboard and not MY dashboard, just in case you were being kaypoh)

There are also seasonal offers, with increased rebates, so do look out for those! Currently there is even a promotion if you activate your VISA card with Ebates!

If you’re going to buy something online, and you can get cash back by signing up for free with ebates, why not right?

Click here to sign up and be referred by me, and receive an extra $10 sign up bonus for your first transaction of $25 or more! The usual sign up bonus is $5.


Disclaimer: I was also given a sign up bonus, as what you’d get if you sign up with the link above. All shopping was entirely my own doing.


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