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Hello 2016!

img_9862People say time flies, but it seems to fly exceptionally fast when your life is just with the kids. At the same time it can easily feel painfully slow, for example when you are feeding a fussy eater. Or, like very little has been achieved, since it is a series of ongoing mundane tasks rather than a glamorous project that you might get recognition at the office for.

So this year has not been an exception to the hustle bustle of family life, but now that Scout is 3 years old, it is the first time I have had to deal with a little 2+ year old and not had an extra baby around since the kids are all (coincidentally) 2 years and 3 months apart, and there’s always been a baby around! I’m loving being baby-free, although I am also missing those baby moments.

I’m enjoying the freedom that comes with the kids becoming more independent, but the flip side of that means they are also getting more assertive, and with each other. People often ask how we handle 3 kids, and while it is usually somewhat rhetorical, and anyhow not a question that you can really answer, I find the real challenge is not with the “handling” – not the mundane routine tasks of wash, feed, entertain, but rather how to manage squabbles! It is their fighting that really tests my patience.

This year we’ve sailed through Primary 1, only because our eldest is an enthusiastic and highly adaptable boy. This holiday the younger two have been eagerly anticipating the start of school, so I hope next year will be an easy one!

We’ve also taken several holidays together, just the 5 of us, and I was really pleasantly surprised that our last trip of the year to Japan was a wonderful trip, and didn’t leave me feeling tired and needing another holiday just to recover. I’m sure next year will be just as wonderful.

But like I said, it feels like being busy with all the mundane tasks just seems to take up so much time and suddenly a year is over. So my goal this year is to make more memories. Maybe it will take slowing down, making allowances to be flexible with schedules (I’m rather strict about their bedtimes), focussing more attention on each child, more travel, more adventures, something like that. In a nutshell: Love more, fret less.

Happy New Year!!!



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