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Extra Yarn book & activities

I am always on the look out for great books to borrow for the boys, and I came across this lovely book entitled Extra Yarn by Mac Burnett with beautiful illustrations from Jon Klassen, from the Classroom Bookshelf website. It’s about a little girl who lives in a very grey town, finds a box of colourful yarn and knitting needles, and proceeds to knit for everyone and everything in her town, changing the outlook and mood of everyone while she’s at it. The story is about selflessness, as well as a special kind of magic that each of us have to make a change in the world.

She knits sweaters for herself and her dog, then the neighbour (and his dog) who made fun of her because he was jealous.


And her very nice teacher asked her to stop knitting because it was disruptive.


It certainly didn’t stop her


And she even knit sweaters for the animals.
(Cue bear: This is NOT my sweater.)



I searched for some activities to complement the book, and came across this lovely Autumn Leaf Yarn & Nail Art.


So I wanted to get some wood from Daiso, but they were out of suitable sizes. Just across the aisle from it were pinboards, and in an a-ha moment, I thought that that would be so much better – and reusable too! And also I’m really not very crafty, so a pinboard would mean many less accidents in the house.

So I bought some yarn, a pinboard, a box of pins and the boys have been having a field day with it.


And the activity up close. Aww, doesn’t it look just like the maple leaf one above? NOT!!!


I would also like to get Mittens to learn a bit of knitting from my mum, and once I can find a suitable needle, I’ll try doing this DIY Weaving loom activity! Ideally we should have all at the activities back to back, but what’s a busy mummy like me gonna do?





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3 thoughts on “Extra Yarn book & activities

  1. Thanks for linking up! Looks like a really fun book, especially with the related activities! I gotta try harder to come up with activities related to the books we read!


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