January 2016

We have survived three weeks of school! Everyone is getting used to the early hours, and I am relishing the time I now have without the kids, which is 3 hours of uninterrupted time before Scout returns for 1-2 hours before Abacus, and then another half-3 hours before Mittens. Thankfully they are all within walking distance, so it’s barely any trouble to be in and out of the house so often. I am now all for the concept of schools within walking distance for kids!

Since this is my second year in primary school, and I know my way around the curriculum (for now), I feel more at ease and on top of things. This will be an easy year, with the kids in N2, K2 and P2 meaning no major adjustments for anyone, so I am enjoying it while I can. Come next year with the boys in P1 and P3, it might be a different story altogether.

I have also been busy rushing to create an epic 100-page family photobook before my voucher expires, which I’m sure is a situation many of you would be familiar with. Why do we do it to ourselves? It’s taking quite a bit of time and sometime each month’s photos can take me 2 hours to select and lay. And I don’t even put any funny scrap booking cutesy fun items at all! Also I’m trying to clear up all the random unnecessary photos in my iPhoto since there is always so much nonsense that is synced from the phone that is quite unnecessary. First world problems, I know.

Last month we took a wonderful family holiday to Japan, which I will get around to posting about soon. It really felt like a holiday rather than a semi-holiday that requires so much work on the part of the mother (that’s me). Maybe the cool weather was good for everyone, maybe it was the copious amount of amazing food, or maybe they are just getting older and more manageable, and more duly occupied with everything and each other that they didn’t feel the need to annoy each other for entertainment. (That is THE worst thing about having more than one kid, isn’t it?!). Which also meant that everyone enjoyed themselves more rather than feeling the stresses that abound from travelling with kids, such as juggling everyone while navigating a foreign city.

This year, I have been hearing about everyone making travel plans for the entire year. Yes, some people have already booked tickets for the end of the year! I don’t recall everyone being such fastidious planners, but from the sounds of it (cheap air fares, hotels already booked up for June), it sounds like we should make some headway soon. Wanderlust is a terrible bug to be bitten by, isn’t it? Surely not a bad way to kick off the new year 🙂


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