The earth is NOT dying, but #climatechangeisreal

After such a long wait for an Oscar, after all the build up for so many years, how awesome is Leonardo DiCaprio to make use of his acceptance speech to highlight that climate change is real?

And you know what is more scary than climate change? The fact is that the earth is NOT dying. No, it is not. It has survived several billion years, and it will survive several billion years more (barring any astronomical catastrophes). It is life on earth that is in danger. The flora, fauna, and of course, humans. Long after all of us are dead and gone, the earth will still be here. Maybe it will be “dead” in the sense that there isn’t any life on it, but as far as scientists know, there isn’t life on any other planet either (so are they all “dead”?).

#climatechangeisreal. Are we going to trash it in our lifetime, or are we going to make sure our children, and our children’s children get to enjoy the beauty of life and nature?


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