We have just returned from a quick weekend getaway in Shanghai, just the husband and I. This was our third time to Shanghai, I have written about our previous trips here, and although most people wouldn’t think of Shanghai as a weekend destination, it is just under 5 hours there. We left on a red eye after tucking the kids into bed and hanging out at the airport. We didn’t get much sleep onboard, but the shopping and adrenaline and a lot of coffee kept me going for the rest of the day.

Here are a few of our highlights:

Decathlon. If  you’re a fan of this cheap and chic French brand, well it is even cheaper in China as compared to Singapore! They have plenty of retail stores selling all kinds of sporting goods.

IMG_0586Yu yuan gardens. There is plenty to do here, even if it is a trifle touristy. We were there to grab some tea as gifts for the family, and returned to a lovely shop that we’ve been going to. They package their teas rather nicely and we spent quite a lot of time tasting the teas and learning more from them. I like this shop because the girls here feel more genuine and they are less pushy. Although all the shops here are somewhat touristy, this one the 老板娘 is always there so it doesn’t feel like just employees trying to sell the teas. I showed her a photo that I’d taken of her 2 years ago so she was most amused 🙂 Some of the tea stalls in the area sell only tea while the larger ones have tea tasting too. I was thinking of stocking up some Chinese New Year clothes in this area, but we spent so much time at the tea shop! Ah, next time, perhaps 🙂

Bookstores. I have trouble navigating Taobao and DangDang, so I’m always happy to browse around the bookstores here. I have been trying to find some square Chinese paper for the kids to practice writing their words and haven’t been able to find any in Popular so I grabbed a whole lot at a local bookstore. They also had assessment books but of course the standard of Chinese is way beyond me.

Eating. One of my favourite eats of the weekend was Villa Lebec, a lovely little villa that has many different sections – a greenhouse, an indoor section, and 2 very nice private rooms. There is also a Cafe, a small tea room, and outdoor seating. The food was very reasonably priced and very very good. We also ate at 福1008 which was very quaint in an old and creepy way. A week later my husband saw this restaurant on a food channel show!

All in all, we were there for less than 60 hours – it sounds so short when you count it like that. But it certainly felt like we achieved a lot in the time we had. We ate, we shopped, and we laughed. A lot. And indulged in massages every day. It was nice not to have to tend to anyone’s needs, or have anyone fighting for my attention. It was nice to have some adult conversation for the entire weekend. It was also a great comfort to know that the kids were well taken care of at home, even if they probably did get too much screen time. Sometimes you just have to let go to live a little, isn’t it? Although I was reluctant to go home to the daily grind, I have to admit that I did miss the monkeys, and I think it was good for them not to have me around 24/7 either. A little bit of win-win for everyone right?

Now where should we head off to next? 🙂



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