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After 10 years of marriage… 

We crossed a milestone recently – our 10th year of being married. To each other. 

After 10 years and 3 kids, we don’t bother much with the romance, so this is what we had for our anniversary dinner, during which we hardly even talked because we were too busy watching our own movies! 


Ok, at least it was on the way back from a lovely week in Melbourne with the kids (and the ILs)! 

Through the years, we’ve had our fair share of joys and tribulations, and while it is true that children put a lot of stress on a relationship, in our case they are also what bind us more closely to each other. I find it difficult to remain in annoyance when I have to be around these three monkeys, each of whom are imperfectly perfect in their own way, and it constantly amazes at how together as a couple we managed to create these little lives. I hate that I can go from feeling pissed off, to dying from cuteness overload. Darn.

Years ago, in the movie Keeping The Faith (2000), Edward Norton played a priest who received some good advice from another priest:

If you are a priest or if you marry a woman it’s the same challenge. You cannot make a real commitment unless you accept that it’s a choice that you keep making again and again and again.

Raising kids is stressful business, and there are many times when we aren’t feeling the love where we are right now. But marriage, like parenting, is a choice and it should be a choice that we make each day to ourselves and our loved ones. 

And although I count my lucky stars that I have someone and some things (specifically Thing 1, 2 and 3), who make it easy to make these choices, without whom life would be incomplete, I think at this juncture it wouldn’t be too much if I gave myself just a little pat on the back, eh? 😀


4 thoughts on “After 10 years of marriage… 

  1. Haha, there’s someone out there who is even less romantic than us!!! At least we went out on a date a few days later when we finally remembered there had been an anniversary…😉


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