Kuala Lumpur & Petrosians, The Discovery Centre

Over the long weekend, we joined a convoy of cars on a short escapade to Kuala Lumpur. We left on the early morning of Good Friday, along with a good 2-hour’s worth of queue of cars. Horrors!

Eventually we arrived into KL shortly after noon and checked into the MiCasa All Suite hotel, just in time for lunch. MiCasa isn’t the Westin, but it is a very comfortable place to stay. We had a large 2 bedroom apartment which included a king sized bed and 2 super singles, 2 bathrooms and a kitchenette. That night, after the kids had their dinner at the lobby’s Tapas restaurant, they played together in one of the 2 bedroom apartments while the adults were able to have a really good dinner at Cilantro restaurant. And since this highly-acclaimed restaurant was steps away from our rooms,  we were still able to check on the kids periodically and have our dinner in peace! There were 7 kids in total from 3 to 9 years old, but there was also an adult watching them while the rest of us were at dinner. If not, babysitters can be hired for MYR20 an hour.

The next day after a leisurely breakfast, we wanted to do something in the vincinity, and being right in Suria KLCC, we decided to visit the Petrosains Discovery Centre. Also it was convenient that the hotel provides a shuttle to KLCC and several other drop off points.

micasa all suites

I have not heard much about the Petrosians Discovery Centre, and my friends and I found it off a blog post. We thought it was like a petrol museum, because of the association with Petronas, which turned out to be partially true.

The Petrosains Discovery Centre costs RM30.00 per adult and RM18.00 per child for non-residents of Malaysia, and you know what? It is worth every single penny. Everyone from young to old had fun, and even after spending almost 3 hours there, we still had to drag the kids away. It is a science center of sorts, and the three different families who visited the centre all thought that it was much better than our own Singapore Science Centre, which has seen better days.

We first entered to an area of various hands on activities. Within 5 minutes a science show started, and the kids all found it very interesting to learn about sound. After the “show”, they spent a lot of time playing with this digger. As you might know, a digger site has just opened in Singapore, and here at the Petrosains Discovery Centre it is FREE (or rather included in the entry) and there is NO time limit. I think we might have made back our entrance fee just at this area!


After the whole section of brain teasers is an oil rig setup. The boys have been asking me how petrol is made, so it was quite timely to be able to feel like you’re on an actual oil rig, with drills, and mock ups of staff quarters for sleeping, kitchen and medical. My husband even got to try going down an emergency chute that they use on rigs. There are also a few interactive stations and games that help aid learning.


There was also a section on speed and of course featuring some Petronas F1 exhibits, including a F1 simulator for the Sepang circuit, which my husband said he could spend all day at.

Petrosians Discovery Centre

Spotted throughout the centre are various stations manned by volunteers where you can try your hands on some science experiments. The volunteers are quite well trained and ask very good leading questions to aid the learning. There are also rooms for arts and craft, like making 3D pop up cards, LED greeting cards and playdough.

The exterior of the Petrosains Discovery Centre looks so unassuming but it is quite large inside. Just when you think you’ve reached the end of the Centre, you turn another corner, and there’s another section! We even managed to catch a 3D movie on dinosaurs, which the others thought was worth the entrance fee, although personally I didn’t like the animation style so much (but that’s just me!).

We spent so much time at the Discovery Centre we didn’t even have time for the Aquairum or playground at KLCC.

I would definitely recommend a visit here as it has some local relevance and is great for all ages. And I’m sure the kids wouldn’t mind going back again! It is extremely pram friendly and there are plenty of toilets and water points along the way.

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre
PETRONAS Twin Towers
Level 4, Suria KLCC,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.



7 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur & Petrosians, The Discovery Centre

  1. You joined the Good Friday traffic jam?? We went to JB on Thursday the moment hubby knocked off to spare ourselves the 2 hours in the jam. I think my boys’ favourite here would be the F1 simulator!


    1. Oh the F1 simulator is not for kids because there is a height requirement. My husband has actually driven on the Sepang track so he liked it! There are plenty plenty of other activities for kids though 🙂


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