Wanderlust May 2016

Last week, the husband and I returned from a short getaway, just the two of us. We went to cities we’d never been to before, and it was really a breath of fresh air. When we returned, in some ways I felt like I was raring to go, but after landing at 330 or 4am, and settling into bed at 5am, I had to spring out of bed at 7am and send the kids off to school. I felt was the least I could do after not seeing them for a few day right?

Of course, this old chick is not what she used to be, and with the kids refusing to nap that afternoon, I think it took me almost a week to get my body clock back in sync and a few days to get back into the groove of things. I came back to kids who were flu-ish. I was (and notice how I said I!!) completely unprepared for the maths test that was the following day, but thankfully child #1 has been able to grasp the concepts fairly well (he certainly didn’t get those genes from me!), so he didn’t do too poorly. Then I completely forgot about a medical appointment for child #2. And when teachers posted a reminder to parents of an upcoming field trip for child #3 I had a moment of panic that I had completely missed the date or something!

On top of that I have also been busy planning holidays for the rest of the year. One of them also involves 9 other family members, so the planning has not been quite a headache. But it’s certainly a blessing to be able to do so since it means we have the means to travel, and everyone is still healthy enough (referring to the seniors) to go.

Although I would love it if the kids and husband had a year off to travel the world, in reality the work and school work would be hard to manage. I’m definitely thankful we are still able to travel occasionally, and that the husband is able to manage his time (better than most office jobs) to be away from work. I am definitely not turning into a travel blogger, but stay tuned to read more about our holiday adventures!


5 thoughts on “Wanderlust May 2016

  1. I can relate on the post-travel syndrome, totally! So much work, so much resistance to mind and body for getting back to routine and environment. And I wonder why am i still wanting to travel…


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