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Lipomassage fat burning at Aura & Miracles (review & discount code)

I’m going to take a break from all my travel (and eating) posts to tell you a little about the day I attempted to be a beauty blogger. Heck, I don’t even think I’m much of a blogger to begin with, but ok, here goes:

I was invited to review the LPG Lipomassage treatment at a wellness centre called Aura & Miracles, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

These are my thighs. IN MY DREAMS!!

People say, that breastfeeding helps a mother shed all the pre-pregnancy weight. I say, that it is nonsense. Or rather, it is not always true. I think with my first 2 babies, by 1.5 years later, my tummy was still passable, but my third baby is almost 4 now, and my muffin top was bigger and flabbier than ever! It sure didn’t help that I wanted to make sure that she would not be a small baby, and I was so good at it she came out at almost 4kg. I’m no spring chicken, so no, my body has definitely not “bounced back”. Although the muffin top sure does a lot of bouncing.

As I approach my 40s, I’ve noticed the body changing so much, with a lower metabolism, and “from the lips to the hips” coming true. It seemed like whatever I ate just magically reappeared at my love handles! Seriously, there are other areas of my body where I wouldn’t mind more fat, but the love handles are just so difficult to get rid of.

In fact, I had a discussion with some friends over this, and they said that it’s terribly hard to get rid of the middle tyre without a lot of dieting and exercise. My friend Florinda also rightly pointed out that our abdomen muscles are less tight, no thanks to being too tired and lazy, which makes the tummy more ugly and flabby.

I know some of you will (politely) ask where my fats are, but honestly, some days I was 4 months pregnant all over again, and I’ve had to resort to buying fat clothes to hide all the bulges. I used to have a eat-all-you-want figure, and although pregnancy has given me some hips where there were less before, it has also given me a lot more where I don’t want it. My figure became like a tree trunk (I think the correct term is “column”), and I was getting pretty miserable about the sad state of affairs.

I have always thought that weight should be lost naturally, i.e. through diet and exercise. No slimming teas or pills for me, definitely no liposuction or invasive surgeries. But I hate running, and I have not been one of the most motivated people to exercise. And where do I find the time during the day? Add to that occasional wakings by either one of the three kids in the middle of the night, and I am usually ready for a nap by 10am. I tried cutting down on carbs but it didn’t seem to have much effect. I did a one day juice cleanse which helped with bloatedness, but the effect was only temporary.

So now you know my grandmother background story, let’s get back to Aura & Miracles. After hearing what a close friend had to say about her treatments at Aura & Miracles, I was all game for a trial.

The Endermologie LPG Lipomassage is a FDA-approved patented body contouring procedure which is non-invasive. It can be used to eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting.

Imagine your fat being rolled around like that!

The machine treatment of just 35 minutes is almost the same as accumulating 10 hours of physical exercise in relation to fat burn. Of course this form of treatment has not much cardio impact, so “real” exercise is important too. So even after 35 minutes of treatment, similar to real exercise, fat burning still continues as the body cells are still active. The treatment induces lipolysis: the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release fatty acids (got that from Wiki!), which means that the fat burn is completely natural. Just by a deep-tissue kind of massage!


In short, the treatment can:

  • slim down fat cells
  • smooth cellulite
  • firm the skin
  • resculpt the figure
  • reduce stretch marks and other scar marks
  • improve the lympathic system and reduce water retention
  • improve blood circulation
  • improve metabolism rate

In mummy terms, that means, it can help with muffin tops, love handles, flappy triceps, and areas like at your back that bulges out of your bra or sports top! Sure, you can probably excercise them away, but some of these areas are really hard to target.

Apart from beauty, this treatment can also be used for sports, conjunctive therapy and osteomuscular therapy. You can see more of the results photos on their website.

Are you still with me? Ok forget about all that scientific stuff for a minute, let me just tell you how my sessions went.

At my first session, Sherry and Pearl and I discussed my body and they started examining me, discussing where we could target. Of course my main concern is my middle area, and they were confident they could get me back in shape! They also said they can firm up areas that I described above like the cellulite on thighs, the top of your knees so it doesn’t get droopy (what! I didn’t even know I should be thinking about that bit above my knees?), or the bum area, although honestly, I don’t often look back there. Nothing bothered me as much as my middle area.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 12.44.19 am.png

I was then asked to get into a full body stocking. You are probably expecting some photos of my flabs and me in a body stocking, but I am a middle-aged mummy blogger, not a nubile beauty blogger, so I shall spare you the details.

The machine used a kind of suction and rolling action which feels like someone is pinching your fats. It is like having a deep tissue massage. I do like massages to be firm, and even then I found some parts of the Lipomassage quite strong. Some of the repeated action on some areas can also create some slight bruising, as if you’ve gone to traditional “gua sha”, but it was quite light.


After just one session which takes around 35 minutes, my water retention had been reduced by A LOT. And after one month, I’m happy to say the bloatedness has not returned! I used to get bloated by every evening, which feels uncomfortable like you’re 4 months pregnant, so this was a remarkable result for me. Previously the only thing that helped was going on a 1-day juice cleanse, but after that it was back to humpty dumpty within a few days. Pearl reminded me to drink a lot of water each day to avoid water retention, especially after the massage to aid the lipolysis. It’s been two months since my first session, and despite having a 3 week holiday with lots of eating and no exercising, I don’t have the levels of water retention as before. I definitely could do with more water every day though (oops).

Ok my photos aren’t that great, but you can clearly see the left is the before and the right is the after! This was the result from a 35 minute session! And no, I didn’t get a tan treatment as well, it’s just the lighting ok? It was kind of hard for me to take a photo of my back ya’know.

More importantly, my muffin top had shrunk to an acceptable size. Or rather, a size that I could more easily accept. After my three sessions, I was so amazed and feeling so good! I haven’t dropped any dress sizes, and there is still a bit of loose skin and fats, but I did have three kids with one being a 4kg baby, so I know I will have to do some of my own work too (exercising). That extra boost of targeted fat loss has been such a great morale booster and I am now more determined to maintain the shape! It has been a HUGE morale booster. HUGE.

Best of all, there was no down time and it is a non-invasive treatment. Just like traditional massages, after the Lipomassage I felt so relaxed I just wanted to crawl into bed (but mummy duties usually prevented me from doing so).

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 12.16.47 am.png

Now I realise how all the socialites can maintain their “figures” with all these different treatments to choose from. And you can easily be the envy of your friends when they notice that you’ve become trimmer – in fact, you also never know which one of your friends whom you’ve been envying, has already been for treatments like this! But even if none of my friends notice, because I’ve been having to hide under fat clothes, I’m not bothered, because at the very least, I am very happy to be working towards a more ideal figure.

There are several wellness centres which offer LPG Lipomassage, but Sherry owns Aura & Miracles and before setting up this centre, she was the therapist and master trainer for the LPG machines for the whole of Singapore. So you can be assured that if anyone knows how to make full use of these machines, it’s the wonderful ladies at Aura & Miracles.

As for me, after a few weeks of holidaying, I’m eager to go back for more treatment sessions. And back to exercise, of course.

Aura & Miracles are offering all my readers a few special offers:

  • First time trial for SGD$68, instead of the usual SGD$88. Even at $88, I think it is SO worth it to go to give it a try!
  • If you would like to buy a package thereafter, you can purchase one at a 10% discount off their package price of SGD$2500 for 10 sessions, plus they will throw in 2 more sessions FOC, so that would be SGD$2250 for 12 sessions. AND if you sign up by August 31st, 2016, you will get an additional 2 sessions! Just quote MummyEd when you make your appointment.

They are conveniently located at Delfi Orchard (opposite Forum), and right next to Trehaus, if you need a spot to occupy your kids! I think the trial session is really very worth to at least try out.

So there you have it, I’m really not so great at being a beauty blogger, and I think I will stick to dowdy parenting topics. But, do indulge me, because in my next post, I will share with you about Endermolift – which is using the same LPG Lipomassage machine, but for the face! That was a pretty amazing experience for me too!
Aura & Miracles
Delfi Orchard, #05-13
402 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238876
T: 63338707
Disclaimer: Aura & Miracles invited me to try out their treatments. All opinions are 100% my own, as are the fats. And boy do I have a lot of it, TYVM!



24 thoughts on “Lipomassage fat burning at Aura & Miracles (review & discount code)

  1. I think the 3rd kid is the killer. I also feel so much bigger in size after my 3rd. The first two I manage to somewhat get back. This one has me staying away from the weighing scale. LOL.


  2. Breastfeeding DID slim me back down to my original size and even smaller. I was so super thin and unhealthy though. And ballooned back to bigger-than-original size once I stopped breastfeeding. (There goes all the effort.)
    I’m amazed at the visible difference in just 1 session of 35 minutes! That is my problem area as well. Amazed to see how this helps to kick start your good figure days. 🙂
    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am having the middle area problem too! Oh my.. I do go for exercise, but honestly, not enough to reduce that middle area. I’m tempted to go for the trial session, but are the folks at this centre pushy? I mean, I’ve heard horror stories of some centres who pressurise customers into getting a package. So, I’m a bit worried.


    1. I know what you mean, I don’t even want to do any of those Groupon deals anymore because I don’t want to have to encounter any annoying pushy sales people. Pearl and Sherry were not pushy to me, and don’t seem like those scary pushy types, maybe they knew that I would definitely be back haha!


  4. Those are my thighs! In my dreams too!!! LOL. I am so tempted to try this, been pigging out and gained weight way above my $60kg limit. I will try to give them a call after coming fr Penang, I shall eat buffet breakfasts to my heart’s content first. Haha!
    Cherry (


  5. You excelled as a beauty blogger. I enjoyed reading the post! I too believe exercise and diet play a big part when it comes to body shapes but once in a while, having beauty treatment as such does help to kick-start things again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you, you’re too kind! But yes, I was feeling pretty miserable about the diet and exercise not helping at all, at least this has been a great boost to my self-esteem!


    1. Maybe just me lah. My first 2 were around the same weight, by the third I was a happy SAHM and I purposely ate more to increase her birth weight so maybe that’s why she was a chubby baby 😆


  6. Breastfeeding did NOTHING to my body too and I’ve been trying to shed that last few kgs off my muffin top. So this is really worth a shot? Like some of the rest of the mummies who commented, I’m not good with pushy sales people. Oh and skeptism kicks in when i hear of people who didn’t see much different after receiving beauty treatment.


    1. I’ve never paid much attention to these slimming methods, so I’m not sure how it compares to the others, but I’m really quite happy and surprised with how it’s helped me! Oh come to think of it actually breastfeeding helped me lose…my boobs. O_o *roll eyes*

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I once did Liposonix, it also helped me loose the inches but it was really painful. After Liposonix, I watched myself when it comes to unhealthy food and i try to exercise as much as i can.


    1. Interesting, I have not heard of liposonix, so I went to google it. Actually I never paid any attention to all these fat loss methods until I became desperate haha!


  8. Like that I don’t want third kid for sure! Kidding! You can be a lifestyle blogger! I was chuckling away as I read your post!


    1. Oh dear! Although it is very fulfilling, childbirth (and the years after) can really take a toll on our bodies, right? Aching back, arms, legs, everything.. Haha


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